Area and At-Large Representatives (2016-2018 term)
(Note:  Area boundaries are defined briefly below and in greater detail at the Maps page; unless otherwise indicated, all phone numbers shown are in area code 310.)

Area 1
Katie Braude, 424.216.6667,
1st Alternate, Doug McCormick, 459.1382,
2nd Alternate, Kelly Comras, 459.5661,

Area 2
Peter Culhane, 230.1100,
1st Alternate, Alan Goldsmith (no ph. listing),
2nd Alternate, Leah Cox (no ph. listing),

Area 3
Danielle Samulon, 323.892.4860,
1st Alternate, Howard Robinson, 838.0180,
2nd Alternate, Brian Deming, 323.383.1716,

Area 4
Rick Mills, 729.4738,
1st Alternate, Carol Bruch, 454.9953,
2nd Alternate, Doria Anselmo, 963.9150,

Area 5
Sue Kohl, 720.3400,
1st Alternate, Robin Meyers, 454.2842,
2nd Alternate, Abhilash Patel (no ph. listing),

Area 6
David Kaplan, 459.8086,
1st Alternate, David Peterson, 459.9602,
2nd Alternate, Mary Mortensen, 293.2942,

Area 7
Cathy Russell, 459.5535,
1st Alternate, Steve Boyers, 463.5990,
2nd Alternate, Marilyn Wexler, 454-3652,

Area 8
Reza Akef, 980-1009,
1st Alternate, Andrew Sacks, 926.9844,
2nd Alternate, Andrew Wolfberg, 323.899.1530,

At-Large Representative
Lou Kamer, 424.291.2585,
1st Alternate, Quentin Fleming, 454.0554,
2nd Alternate, Matthew Rodman (no listings/contact Chair or At-Large Rep)

Area Boundaries  (see also the Maps page)

  • Area 1 – Pacific View Estates, Castellammare, Paseo Miramar, and Sunset Blvd. addresses from PCH to Palisades Drive
  • Area 2 – Palisades Highlands and Palisades Drive to Sunset Blvd.
  • Area 3 – Marquez Knolls and Bel Air Bay Club area, north and south of Sunset from east of Palisades Drive to and including Bienveneda
  • Area 4 – North and south of Sunset from east of Bienveneda to Temescal Canyon
  • Area 5 – Alphabet Streets, north of Sunset from east of Temescal Canyon to and including upper Rivas Canyon
  • Area 6 – Via Mesa/Bluffs, Huntington Palisades, south of Sunset from Temescal Canyon to and including Chautauqua Blvd.
  • Area 7 – Rustic, Santa Monica, and lower Rivas Canyons, and the Will Rogers area
  • Area 8 – Riviera section, and south of Sunset to Allenford, and Paul Revere Middle School