PPCC Awards Gala, December 14, 2017 — Press Release
2017 PPCC Awards Honorees Information

Message from the Chair, Maryam Zar

Dear Palisades;

First, I’d like to welcome our new Organizational members, including the YMCA, Friends of the Library, Marquez Charter School, AYSO and the Pacific Palisades Optimist Club. Organizational members rotate yearly (whereas elected members are elected/rotate every two years), and I am thrilled to welcome a few brand new members to our Board.

As Fall kicks in we will begin to address land use, planning and housing issues. We will hear from City, County and State regarding implementation of measures H and HHH, as well as from organizations who are in the lead in the implementation of plans to make affordable housing more plentiful in LA. We will also tackle more land use and planning matters locally with the renewed efforts of a robust LUC which I have appointed, Chaired by Howard Robinson. Among the issues the LUC plans to consider are the impact of Secondary Dwelling Units in the Palisades, as well as the advisability of some large scale development projects now proposed (including a Senior Living Center in the Highlands), as well as projects that impact the integrity of our coastal zone. We will also attempt to standardize our review of CUBs which come before the PPCC, and develop a standard of review that can be applied to all deliberations. The work of the LUC will enable the voice of this community to be better represented at WLA APC hearings. Councilmember Bonin and Councilmember Ryu have pledged to press for our voice to be acknowledged with heightened priority at City Planning hearings that impact our community.

We are also still monitoring the issues surrounding traffic in Pacific Palisades, both in terms of impact when construction haul routes are granted, as well as safety for motorists, bicyclers and pedestrians (particularly school routes). LAPD Traffic Sgt., Danny Eun will be speaking to us in October, and our at-Large Rep continues to press City Engineers for review of our most traveled intersections.

We hope to continue our collaboration and support of various organizations that form the collective backbone of the Palisades. We will continue to help strengthen and promote the work of the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness, we have begun to collaborate with PRIDE on a vision to create synergy in Pacific Palisades with the onset of Palisades Village, we communicate often with the DRB on matters that impact the preservation of guidelines enumerated in our Specific Plan, and we hope to continue a strong community collaborative relationship with all the organizations that are on our Board. Together, we can continue to make Pacific Palisades the uniquely wonderful community that it is.

I thank you all for staying engaged with us and I look forward to seeing you at our public Board meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month – with exceptions in July, Aug, Nov & Dec.

Warmly, Maryam Zar
PPCC Chair