PPCC advisors are appointed by the Chair and are non-voting.  Consent of the Board is required for appointment of the Legal Counsel and Youth Advisor/s.  All advisors serve terms identical with that of the Chair and are subject to re-appointment at the end of their terms (June 30th of each year).  See PPCC Bylaws & Procedures.

Advisors (2019-2020 term)

Legal Counsel
Rob Weber, 310.228.3746, rweber@sheppardmullin.com

Zennon Ulyate-Crow, 310.804.8969, zennon@me.com

Allison Holdorff Polhill, 310.804.8424, allisonholdorff1@gmail.com

Sharon Kilbride, 310.399.0695,  sharon.kilbride@yahoo.com

Patti Post (no phone listing),  postpost@aol.com

Wildfire Safety
Miriam Schulman, 310.413-8333, miriamschulman@hotmail.com