Area and At-large Representatives (2022-2024 term)
Note:  Area Representatives are elected by residents of their respective areas; the At-large Representative is elected by all community stakeholders.  Each serves a tw0 year term from October 1 – September 30. Area and At-large elections are held every two years. Elected representatives’ Alternates are affirmed at the first meeting in October (of those even years) by the PPCC Board after they’ve been nominated by the Committee of Three Chairs, and serve the same term. See PPCC Bylaws & Procedures.  Area boundaries are defined briefly below and in greater detail at the Maps page.

Area 1
Murray Levy, 310.454.6744,
1st Alternate: Cindi Young,
2nd Alternate: Joanna Spak,

Area 2
Steve Cron, 310.871.8077,
1st Alternate: Bruce Schwartz,
2nd Alternate: Diana Daniele,

Area 3
Haldis Toppel, 310.663.1076,
1st Alternate: Nancy Niles,
2nd Alternate: Michael Edlen,

Area 4
Karen Ridgley, 310.570.9128,
1st Alternate: Lee Anne Sanderson,
2nd Alternate: Daphne Gronich,

Area 5
Kimberly Bloom, 310.344.3336,
1st Alternate: Cliff Roberts,
2nd Alternate: Betsy Handler,

Area 6
Cindy Simon, 310.480.7549,
1st Alternate: Quentin Fleming,
2nd Alternate: Harlan Hogue,

Area 7
Julie Silliman, 310.365.4512,
1st Alternate: Rick McGeagh,
2nd Alternate: Cathy Russell,

Area 8
Andrew Wolfberg, 323.899.1530,
1st Alternate:  Eli Safaie-Kia,
2nd Alternate:  Vacant

Chris Spitz, 310.721.0532,
1st Alternate:  Mary Mueller,
2nd Alternate: Alan Goldsmith,

Area and At-large Representatives & Alternates serve a two-year term.

Area Boundaries  (See also the Maps page and PPCC  Bylaws & Procedures, Appendix B, Note 4: “In case of a conflict between the map and the descriptions, the map will govern. The descriptions interpret the map.”)

  • Area 1 – Pacific View Estates, Castellammare, Paseo Miramar, and Sunset Blvd. addresses from PCH to Palisades Drive
  • Area 2 – Palisades Highlands and Palisades Drive to Sunset Blvd.
  • Area 3 – Marquez Knolls and Bel Air Bay Club area, north and south of Sunset from east of Palisades Drive to and including Bienveneda
  • Area 4 – North and south of Sunset from east of Bienveneda to Temescal Canyon
  • Area 5 – Alphabet Streets, north of Sunset from east of Temescal Canyon to and including upper Rivas Canyon
  • Area 6 – Via Mesa/Bluffs, Huntington Palisades, south of Sunset from Temescal Canyon to and including Chautauqua Blvd.
  • Area 7 – Rustic, Santa Monica, and lower Rivas Canyons, and the Will Rogers area
  • Area 8 – Riviera section, and south of Sunset to Allenford, and Paul Revere Middle School