August 11 PPCC meeting Agenda, draft minutes (from previous meeting) & Candidate Forum Flyer

Dear Pacific Palisades,

At our July meeting on the 28th, I announced the Area and At-Large candidates for the community wide elections PPCC will be holding this August/September for elected positions on our all volunteer board.

The final list of candidates is:

Area 1: Murray Levy
Area 2: Steve Cron
Area 3: Haldis Toppel
Area 4: Karen Ridgley & Reza Ronaghi
Area 5: Allison Holdorf-Polhill & Kimberly Bloom
Area 6: Cindy Simon
Area 7: Julie Sillman
Area 8: Reza Akef
At-Large rep: Chris Spitz (Alan Goldsmith withdrew his name on 7/29)

There will be a Candidates Forum on August 11th, and we will invite the entire community to join us for a chance to meet the candidates. Voting will begin on August 19th and end on September 2nd.

Look for ballot and voting information here and in local news, and remember to vote!

Best, Maryam Zar

The Next PPCC Zoom Meeting will be held on August 11th.
See agenda and candidates Forum links, above.

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Public Safety
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Watering Restrictions
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PPCC meetings (all meetings via Zoom at 6pm until further notice):

August 11, 2022:  Topics: 1) Candidates Forum (if needed); 2) other topics to be announced.

September 8, 2022:  Topics:  1) Election Committee report on election results; 2) Presentation by West LA Commanding Officer, Captain Jonathan Tom.

Note:  There will be one meeting in July and August: July 28th & August 25th. We look forward to seeing you then!