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2/25 Meeting Recap – Public Safety/Disaster Readiness #2; Events & Info.

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Board Meeting Agenda March 11, 2021 (agenda pending)

Message from the Chair:

Dear Community,

Coronavirus:   PPCC stands with the Palisades community as we continue to cope with the pandemic and the resulting directives.  We invite you to visit:

Disaster Readiness:  
Extensive materials on public safety and emergency preparedness can be found here.

Board Meeting Update:   PPCC’s board meeting on February 25, 2021 featured an informative Public Safety/Disaster Readiness Forum (#2), with guest speakers K.C. Soll (Palisades CERT volunteer coordinator), Hank Wright (LAFD ACS/Ham Radio unit leader), Stephanie Benjamin (Culver City CERT training head, and Jennifer Buchman, Palisades Highlands RYLAN volunteer coordinator.

For more information about our February 25th meeting, see the Meeting Recap.

Upcoming PPCC meetings (note: all meetings start at 6pm):

March 11, 2021:    1) Update on school reopenings (Allison Polhill, District Director, LAUSD Board Member Nick Melvoin; 2). LADWP updates (low water pressure in Area 5; measures to protect sensitive “Milkvetch” plants in area of pole replacement project); 3) WRAC-recommended motion re affordable housing legislation.

March 25, 2021:    CD 11 presentation about proposed regulation and a pilot program for “personal delivery devices” (remote controlled/robotic delivery of purchases).

April 8, 2021:  Presentation on City redistricting (Michele Prichard, Commissioner/ CD 11 representative to the Redistricting Commission).

I look forward to seeing you at upcoming PPCC Zoom meetings!

Best regards,

David Card