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2019 Citizen of the Year & Golden Sparkplug Awards Nominations Press Release (deadline to submit nominations:  9pm on October 26, 2019)

PPCC 2nd Alternate At-large Representative Application Notice (deadline to submit applications:  5pm on October 20, 2019)

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Message from the Chair George Wolfberg and Vice-Chair David Card

Dear Community,

The devastating Saddleridge Fire, Santa Ana winds, Red Flag restrictions and the recent, serious brush fire above Palisades Drive (designated a “major emergency incident” by LAFD), remind us that the wildfire threat to our community is all too real.  Please visit the PPCC Disaster Readiness page — Disaster Readiness Information — for a wealth of information on how to protect against wildfires, earthquakes and other disasters.  Don’t forget to contact our Emergency Preparedness Officer, Cathi Ruddy, for information about preparing for all types of emergencies and our Wildfire Safety Advisor, Miriam Schulman, for information about wildfire preparedness!

PPCC is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Citizen of the Year & Golden Sparkplug Awards.  Click on the link at the top of this page for more information about the awards and requirements for submission of nominations.  Deadline to submit nominations via email:  9pm on October 26, 2019.

PPCC continues to invite interested and eligible Palisadians – residents, property owners & business operators – to apply for the open 2nd Alternate At-large Representative seat on the PPCC Board.  Click on the link at the top of this page for more details on how to apply. Deadline to submit applications via email:  5pm on October 20, 2019.

PPCC supports the Brentwood Community Council amicus brief involving the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal ruling in the “homeless camping” case (Martin v. City of Boise), now on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court (Petition for Writ of Certiorari by the City of Boise).  See PPCC Amicus Support Letter & Boise Summary.  For links to the BCC brief and other amicus briefs in the case, see Further Updates. For BCC’s letter to the Brentwood community explaining their position, see BCC Letter.

To dispel inaccurate public perception about PPCC’s position in the Boisecase, Secretary Chris Spitz reiterated at the October 10th PPCC meeting that both PPCC and BCC have requested the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case in order to provide clarity and guidance as to the constitutional limits on local government regulation of homeless encampments; we are not asking the Court to overturn the Ninth Circuit’s decision.

Our October 10th meeting also featured two timely and interesting presentations.  First, Zachary Gaidzik, LA/Metro West Field Deputy for Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, provided information about new voting changes in Los Angeles County, which are intended to increase access and voter participation.  In a nutshell, he explained that beginning in March 2020, for 11 consecutive days prior to the next election, voters can vote at any one of 1000 voting centers (including centers in the Palisades) in LA County, using paper ballots along with new electronic “ballot marking devices.” Information about the voting centers will be in the sample ballots mailed to all voters. For more details visit LA Vote.

Next, Cathi Ruddy (the PP Woman’s Club Rep to PPCC and our Emergency Preparedness Officer/liaison to the City’s Emergency Management Dept.) brought us up to date on disaster readiness.  She provided information about the City’s RYLAN (Ready Your LA Neighborhood) program and the similar Red Cross MYN (Map Your Neighborhood) program.  She encouraged residents to host neighborhood meetings (including about 20 homes) in order to learn how to come together, coordinate and prepare for an emergency. Cathi has been speaking with neighborhood groups for the past year and is available to speak with your group. Information about these programs and contact information for Cathi can be found above and on the PPCC Disaster Readiness page.

Also on October 10:  PPCC welcomed new and returning PPCC organizational members for the 2019-2020 term. Please click on Organizational Representatives to see names and contact information for all organizational members/ representatives.  The Chair’s appointment of the important Awards Selection Committee (ASC) – which considers nominees and select recipients of the 2019 Citizen of the Year & Golden Sparkplug Awards – was also announced.  The ASC members are:  David Kaplan (Chair; PPCC Area 6 Rep); Daphne Gronich (past Citizen of the Year); Sarah Knauer (PPCC Chamber of Commerce Rep & Chamber Chair-Elect); Sue Kohl (PPCC Area 5 Rep); and Chris Spitz (PPCC Secretary).  Look for more details about this year’s Awards event to come!

Please visit the Meeting Recaps page for a more detailed recap of our October 10th meeting.

Our upcoming meetings will feature several topics of interest; all meetings are in the Palisades Branch Library at 6pm:

October 17:  
The PPCC Land Use Committee (LUC) will meet to consider the Calvary Christian School (901 Palisades Dr.) application for a revised Conditional Use Permit (CUP) / Coastal Development Permit (CDP); the LUC meeting agenda and relevant documents are linked at the top of this page.

October 24:  The Board may consider a possible LUC recommendation regarding the Calvary Christian School CUP/CDP application; in addition, the “3 Chairs” Committee may nominate and the Board may elect a new 2nd Alternate At-large Representative.  Also on the agenda: discussion and possible Board action regarding a proposed recommendation by the PPCC Palisades Forestry Committee (PFC) for a Board resolution approving the PFC Mission Statement anda street tree designation policy for the Palisades.

November 14:  Our honored guest speaker will be Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin; the 2019 Citizen of the Year & Golden Sparkplug Awards honorees may also be announced.

December 12:  The PPCC Holiday meeting & Awards celebration will take place (event details TBA)!

Don’t forget to visit the PPCC Calendar for information about upcoming events of interest to Palisadians.

On a personal note, the Chair appreciates everyone’s well-wishes as he continues treatment for ongoing medical issues.  We both hope to see you around town and at a future meeting!

Best regards,

George Wolfberg

David Card