At our September 22, 2022, we heard from Traci Park and Erin Darling, the two candidates for LA City Council for District 11, See the recording here.

At the regularly scheduled meeting, we approved these minutes.

And amended the bylaws in the following ways:

  • Added a Parliamentarian as a non-voting advisor, who may be appointed by the Chair with the consent of the Board. The same person may serve as Parliamentarian and Legal Advisor or may be two different people. (Bylaws, Art. V.1.D. and E.)
  • Split the office of Secretary into a Recording Secretary (a voting officer, on the Executive Committee) and a Corresponding Secretary (a non-voting Board Member, appointed by the Executive Committee with the consent of the Board – not an officer and not on the Executive Committee) (Article VI, Sec. 3. A., B., and C., and in other miscellaneous places). The purpose is to lighten the load of the Secretary, by having the Recording Secretary do the internal work of the organization, and the Corresponding Secretary do the outward communications work and media messaging.
  • Clarified that the term of all PPCC officers is for one year (Article VII, Sec. 4.C.).
  • Lifted the requirement that meetings be in-person, allowing the Board to decide between in-person and alternate remote means, and eliminating the determination of exigent circumstances in order to meet by Zoom (Art. VII, Sec. 5; Art. IX, Sec. 1).
  • Made a change to the organizational line-up in Appendix A, adding Resilient Palisades to the Environment category, to be shared with Temescal Canyon Association and moving the American Legion from the Service Club category to the Civic Organization category to share a seat with The Civic League.

Our next meeting will be on October 13th, with installation of a new board, a meet and greet with our to-be new State Assemblymember, and a report from PPTFH on the results of the latest Point in Time Homeless Count.

Please mark your cameras and join us!

Maryam Zar
PPCC President

The Next PPCC Zoom Meeting will be held on October 13th, 2022, via Zoom.

See the Agenda for 9/22 meeting here

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Public Safety
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Watering Restrictions
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PPCC meetings (all meetings via Zoom at 6pm until further notice):

September 22, 2022:  Topics: 1) CD11 Candidates for 45 minute Meet & Greet; 2) Second distribution of proposed bylaws amendments; 3)Chamber review, if warranted.

October 13, 2022:  Topics:  1) Presentation by West LA Commanding Officer, Captain Jonathan Tom; 2) Announcement of Area and At-large Alternates; 3) Awards Selection and Events Committees announced.

October 27, 2022:  Topics:  1) Supervisorial Candidates Meet and Greet; 2) Tranzito Vector street/bus stop furniture presentation.

Note:  There will be one meeting in November and December: November 10th & December 8th.
We look forward to seeing you then!