Message from the Chair, George Wolfberg

Dear community members,

I hope your summer is going well. Your PPCC remains busy looking out for you and organizing for the year ahead.

It is now time to elect your representatives to our board of directors.  To vote, click on either the “VOTE NOW” button on the righthand side of this page, or the above “Click Here to Vote” link.  Voting will be open until 9pm on August 30.

Because some persons may be challenged by the on-line voting scheme, the Election Committee and will hold a “help” session on August 18, 10am-1pm, in the Palisades branch library, where it will be possible to vote.

Nine members of our 23 member board are elected by the community to serve two-year terms. The biennial election process is ongoing under the stewardship of a five-member committee led by David Card, American Legion representative to the board. The other members are Richard Blumemberg, Palisades Civic League rep; Bill Bruns, a community representative not a board member; Richard Cohen, PPCC Treasurer; and Andy Frew, Theatre Palisades rep. The Committee has been hard at work developing an open and transparent process. Numerous electronic announcements have been sent out announcing the election including on our Facebook and Nextdoor accounts. At the conclusion of the outreach, we have two contested and seven uncontested races. Steve Cron and Adam Handler are running to represent Area 2 (Highlands) and Alan Goldsmith and John Padden are running for the At-large position.

Yes, we would have liked all races to be contested, but this was not meant to be.

The public had the opportunity to hear from all the candidates at the PPCC board meeting on August 9.  The candidates gave 2 minute opening statements and a robust Q and A with contested and uncontested candidates ensued. The committee has also implemented a comprehensive outreach including a full page advertisement in the August 2 Palisades Post newspaper, a large banner on the Palisades HS fence, social media postings and email messages from the PPCC account (if you are not receiving email from us, drop us a message at Please note that the email address of each candidate is included with their 100 word candidate statement which you can see at the 2018 Election Candidate Statements link above this message. Feel free to email candidates to get their position on issues.

Two years ago we held our first online election. It was very successful with more households voting than in any comparable community group throughout the City of Los Angeles (except for Venice). This year’s election will expand voting opportunities to every resident 18 years of age or older vs only one vote per household in the past. All Pacific Palisades residents at least 18 years old on August 30 may vote for an Area Representative in their Area and for the At-large Representative. Property owners and business operators in Pacific Palisades may vote for the At-large Representative.

The polls close on August 30 at 9pm.

We expect to publicly release thenames of the election winners as soon as possible after the vote is counted.  Our next meeting will take place on September 13 at 7pm at the Palisades Library. Election results (the vote count) will be announced on September 13. Other items on the September 13 agenda will include an update on commercial aircraft noise from our Golden Sparkplug winner Debbie Warfel, a briefing on the state’s Real California ID law, and an introduction by the owner of the new Porta Via cafe (coming to the Caruso Palisades Village), with a “taste of Porta Via.”  Bring your appetites!

I look forward to seeing you around town and at a future meeting.

Best regards,

George Wolfberg