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Safety Reminders/Digital Signs in Bus Shelters/Stay-at-Home Order
Mayor’s Response/Beach Detail; Sen. Allen/Rep. Schiff Town Hall

Next PPCC Zoom Meeting:
January 14, 2021 
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Message from the Chair

Dear Community,

Coronavirus:  PPCC stands with the Palisades community as we all struggle to cope with the pandemic and the resulting directives.  We will continue to be a voice for Pacific Palisades during this difficult period.  We invite you to visit:

Digital Signs in Bus Shelters:
 Since our last meeting on November 12, PPCC received word that the City is planning to issue an RFP (Request for Proposals) for installation of digital advertising signs (screens with moving images) in bus shelters throughout Los Angeles.  Based on our past positions on street furniture and digital signage, PPCC and Palisades PRIDE have submitted a letter to City officials, requesting a halt in the RFP process to allow public input, and urging an exemption for the Palisades.  See PPCC-PRIDE Letter and Letter to Board of Public Works.

November 12, 2020 PPCC meeting:   Our last meeting featured PPCC’s special guest, Assemblymember Richard Bloom.  The Assemblymember thanked the Palisades for its support of his candidacy in the past and recent elections.  He also discussed his legislative achievements in the last session and his goals for the upcoming session, and he answered questions from the Board and audience.  We thank Assemblymember Bloom for speaking with us and for his strong support for retention of the Palisades Beach Detail.  See Asm. Bloom Letter.

Palisades Beach Detail:  I announced to the Board at the November 12th meeting that in addition to Assemblymember Bloom, Councilmember Bonin and LAPD Capt. Tom both support our critical LAPD Beach Detail — although funding going forward is not guaranteed.  See CM Bonin Letter.  PPCC Homelessness Advisor (and PPTFH Co-President) Sharon Kilbride also reported on the important work the Beach Detail has been doing with PPTFH to monitor and put out spot fires in our bluff areas and to address crime and meth use among the homeless.

Following the last meeting, on November 13th we received a copy of a letter from Mayor Eric Garcetti, responding to Assemblymember Bloom, in which the Mayor stated that he recognizes the value of the Beach Detail to the Palisades.  See the Mayor’s letter pictured in this PPCC Bulletin.  We are hopeful that the expressions of recognition and support from our public officials will in fact result in funding to retain the Detail going forward.

Chautauqua/Corona Del Mar Crosswalk Improvements:  Resident Lou Kamer and I reported at the November 12th meeting on welcome LADOT improvements to this intersection, including new crosswalk markings, signage and placement of bollards to make the pedestrian experience safer.  See the Meeting Recap for more details.

Dockless Electric Scooters:  PPCC Seccretary Chris Spitz also gave an update at the November 12th meeting on regulation and recent litigation involving dockless electric scooters, including information from CD11 as to what can be done about scooters parked haphazardly along sidewalks or in parkways in the Palisades. For more details, see Scooter Update and Data-Tracking Lawsuit

WRAC-recommended motions:   The Board unanimously passed two motions recommended by the Westside Regional Alliance of Councils (WRAC) regarding the “Gut-and-Amend” bill process and the Community Plan update process (see WRAC motions for text and background).

Next PPCC meetings:

PPCC holds only one meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month during November and December. The December 10, 2020 meeting is cancelled (this meeting is normally the Awards Event gala, which we’re not able to hold this year due to the pandemic conditions).

Our first meeting of the new year will take place on January 14, 2021 (topics to be announced).

Note:  Per decision of the Executive Committee as authorized by PPCC Bylaws, due to exigent circumstances all PPCC meetings through January 31, 2021 will be conducted via Zoom videoconference.

I look forward to seeing you at PPCC Zoom meetings in 2021 . . . . Meanwhile, enjoy a safe and happy 2020 holiday season!

Best regards,

David Card