The Community Council Board of Governors consists of:

  • The Chair/President, Vice-Chair/Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, who are elected by the Board, and serve one year terms beginning on July 1st.  The names of former Community Council Chairs/Presidents may be found at the end of the Officers section.
  • The Chair Emeritus.
  • Area Representatives from each of eight geographical areas of the Palisades, who are elected by the area residents, and serve for two years beginning on October 1st of even years.  Area boundaries are defined briefly at the bottom of the Area & At Large Representatives section and in greater detail at the Maps page.
  • An alected At-large Representative, who represents all Palisades residents, property owners and business operators and serves the same term as the Area Representatives.
  • Representatives of various community organizations (2 standing and 7 rotating), such as the Historical Society, Temescal Canyon Association, AYSO and Theatre Palisades.  These representatives are appointed by their organizations and serve one year terms beginning on October 1st each year; certification of basic information about member organizations is required: Certification Requirement – Organizations.
  • Non-voting Advisors/other non-voting positions.

The procedures used to determine Board membership, duties of officers, voting rules, quorum requirements, list of member organizations (permanent and rotating), etc., may be found in the PPCC Bylaws & Procedures. 

 Members of the Board are listed in separate sections of the Leadership tab, along with the means to contact each of them.  You are encouraged to bring your community concerns to their attention.