Scroll down for information about the PPCC Land Use Committee (LUC) under the heading “Other Ad Hoc Committees.”

Introduction:  PPCC has one standing committee (the Executive Committee) and several ad hoc committees, including three committees required for specific purposes. Current committee names and membership are listed below.  All committees dissolve as of June 30th of each year; on July 1st each year, the Executive Committee’s officer membership is automatically reconstituted and other committees are formed or reconstituted at the Chair/President’s discretion and/or as directed by the Bylaws. For further information about committee formation please see PPCC Bylaws & Procedures, or contact

PPCC’s liaisons to regional coalitions and committees, appointed by the Chair/President under his/her general administrative authority, are also listed below (following the PPCC committee listings).

Standing Committee

Executive Committee (2017-2018):
Function:  to act on behalf of the PPCC Board only when immediate action is required and the Board is unable to act, and to give advice and counsel from time to time as requested by the PPCC Chair; the officers and Chair/President Emeritus (automatic committee members) elect the two remaining members.
Maryam Zar, Chair (Committee Chair)
George Wolfberg, Vice-Chair
Chris Spitz, Chair/President Emeritus
Richard Cohen, Treasurer
Allison Holdorff Polhill, Secretary
Danielle Samulon, Area 3 Representative
David Card, Service Clubs (American Legion) Representative

Required Ad Hoc Committees

Nominating Committee (Officers Election, 2018):
Function:  to nominate officers who may be elected by the PPCC Board.
Richard Wulliger, Historical Society Representative (Committee Chair)
Sarah Conner, PPRA Representative
Alan Goldsmith, Area 2 Alternate
Danielle Samulon, Area 2 Representative

Election Committee (Elected Representatives Election, 2018):
Function: to implement and supervise the public election of area and at-large representatives.
Membership pending (June 2018)

Three Chairs Committee (Alternates Nomination, 2018):
Function:  to nominate alternate area and at-large representatives who may be elected by the PPCC Board.
Membership pending (September 2018)

Other Ad Hoc Committees

Awards Selection Committee (2018 Citizen of the Year/Golden Sparkplugs):
Function:  to review nominations and select the person(s) to receive the Citizen and Sparkplug Award(s) and under special circumstances to select a recipient of “Pride of the Palisades” recognition.
Awards Guidelines & Honoree Archive
Membership pending (September 2018)

Awards Event Committee (2018 Holiday Party and Awards Gala)
Function:  to coordinate all details and produce the annual event honoring the PPCC awardees.
Awards Guidelines & Honoree Archive
Membership pending (September 2018)

Bylaws Committee:
Function:  to consider, draft and recommend proposed Bylaws amendments for adoption by the PPCC Board.
PPCC Bylaws & Procedures
George Wolfberg, Vice-Chair (Committee Co-Chair)
Richard Cohen, Treasurer (Committee Co-Chair)
Allison Holdorff Polhill, Secretary
David Kaplan, Area 6 Representative
Chris Spitz, Chair/President Emeritus
Maryam Zar, Chair (ex officio)

Land Use Committee (LUC):
Function:  to help standardize and professionalize the PPCC Board’s consideration of zoning and land use related issues by offering thorough, consistent and well-researched analysis and recommendations to the Board.
Land Use Committee Formation
LUC Policy & Procedures 
Committee email/requests to review projects:
Howard Robinson, Area 3 1st Alternate (Committee Chair)
Reza Akef, Area 8 Representative
Richard Blumenberg, PP Civic League Representative
Sarah Conner, PPRA Representative (Committee Vice-Chair)
Gilbert Dembo, TCA Representative
Rick Mills, Area 4 Representative
Chris Spitz, Chair/President Emeritus
George Wolfberg, Vice-Chair
Maryam Zar, Chair (ex officio)

Village Project Community Liaison Committee (VPCLC):
Function:  to act as an oversight committee to address issues that impact the community and to keep the Board and community informed of the Project’s progress.
VPCLC Statement of Purpose
David Kaplan, Area 6 Representative (Committee Co-Chair)
Sue Kohl, Area 5 Representative (Committee Co-Chair)
Caruso (Michael Gazzano/Rick Lemmo) — stakeholder member
Susan Payne, Chamber of Commerce Alternate
David Peterson, Area 6 1st Alternate (representing PRIDE)
Patti Post, Transportation Advisor
Chris Spitz, Chair/President Emeritus
Maryam Zar, Chair (ex officio)
Representative, Council District 11 (advisor to the Committee)
[PPCC thanks the former Village Project Land Use Committee/VPLUC for its service; work completed in 2016 upon City approval of the Village Project]

Liaisons to Regional Coalitions/Committees

PCH Task Force:
George Wolfberg, Vice-Chair
Patti Post, Transportation Advisor

Sunset Mobility Collaborative (SMC):
Chris Spitz, Chair/President Emeritus
Patti Post, Transportation Advisor

Westside Regional Alliance of Councils (WRAC):
Maryam Zar, Chair (primary)
Chris Spitz, Chair/President Emeritus (1st alternate)
David Kaplan, Area 6 Representative (2nd alternate)

WRAC Land Use & Planning Committee (WRAC-LUPC):
George Wolfberg, Vice-Chair (primary)
Chris Spitz, Chair/President Emeritus (alternate)