PPCC advisors, as well as the Parliamentarian and Corresponding Secretary, are non-voting and serve terms identical with that of the Chair/President (subject to appointment or re-appointment as of July 1st of each year).  The Legal Counsel, the Youth advisor/s and the Parliamentarian are appointed by the Chair/President, with approval/consent of the Board.  The Corresponding Secretary is appointed by the Executive Committee, also with approval/consent of the Board.  Other advisors are appointed at the discretion of the Chair/ President.   See specifics regarding advisors and other non-voting positions at PPCC Bylaws & Procedures.

Advisors/other non-voting positions
(2023-2024 term, through June 30, 2024)

Appointed with Board approval:
Legal Counsel
Rob Weber, 310.228.3746, rweber@sheppardmullin.com


Danielle Samulon, daniellesamulon@gmail.com

Corresponding Secretary
JoAnna Rodriguez, joannamrodriguez

Appointed at the Chair/President’s discretion:
Allison Holdorff, 310.804.8424, allison.holdorff@lausd.net

Emergency Preparedness
K.C. Soll, 310.454.0080, cert.palisades@gmail.com

Mike Skinner, 310.459.5825,‬ mskinner@mgskinner.com

Ramis Sadrieh, ramis@technologyforyou.com

Lou Kamer, mrlou@me.com