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Announcing the Candidates for PPCC Area & At-large Representative
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Message from the Chair

Dear Community,

Coronavirus:  PPCC stands with the Palisades community as we all struggle to cope with the pandemic and the resulting Safer at Home directives.  We will continue to be a voice for Pacific Palisades during this difficult period.  We invite you to visit:

July 23rd Board Meeting:   The most recent PPCC meeting featured our special guest, Councilmember Mike Bonin.  The meeting was well-attended, with Councilmember providing information and answering a wide range of questions from the Board and audience for almost an hour. The discussion touched on many topics, including: the status of the City Budget and retention of our much-needed police resources (the beach patrol, our SLO and dedicated patrol car); homelessness; mask enforcement & the City’s response to the pandemic; illegal or inappropriate activities in bluff and park areas of the Palisades; and the Highlands eldercare project. We appreciate Councilmember Bonin’s meeting with us and frankly addressing constituents’ concerns.  Draft minutes of the 7/23 meeting (pending final approval) may be viewed here.

PPCC Officers’ Election:  By acclamation, the Board elected the following officers on July 23 for the 2020-2021 term:  David Card, Chair; David Kaplan, Vice-Chair; Richard Cohen, Treasurer; Chris Spitz, Secretary.

PPCC Area & At-large Representative Election:   At the July 23rd meeting, I announced appointment of the Election Committee to oversee the election of Area & At-large Representatives, per PPCC’s Bylaws: David Kaplan (Vice-Chair & Committee Chair); Richard G. Cohen (Treasurer); Nancy Niles (PP Woman’s Club President); John Padden (PRIDE President & PPCC Representative); Chris Spitz (Secretary); Heather Cohen (Technical Advisor; non-voting).  I will also serve on the Committee in my ex officio capacity (non-voting).  Please direct any questions about the election process to the Committee Chair at

In addition, I announced that incumbent Area Representatives are running for re-election in the following Areas:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 8.  The incumbent At-large Representative is also running for re-election. Areas 6 & 7 incumbents are not running again.  Note:  as of 8/12/20, the incumbent for Area 4 has also decided not to run for re-election. All seats are open, whether or not the incumbent is running.  PPCC is accepting Candidate Statements from eligible and interested Palisadians until 4:30pm on August 13, 2020.   See the Notice of Election Nominations (linked above) for more details on how to become a candidate.  The election process will continue through the summer, with candidates being announced at our next meeting on August 13. The election will take place in early September and the newly elected Representatives will be seated as of October 1.  Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Next PPCC meeting:   The Executive Committee has determined that due to exigent circumstances making in-person meetings infeasible, all PPCC meetings though September 30 will be held via Zoom videoconference. The next PPCC meeting is scheduled for August 13, with LADP Captain Jonathan Tom, West Division Commanding Officer, as our special guest.  There will be an opportunity for Q&A with the Captain.  In addition, the candidates running for PPCC Area & At-large Representative seats will be announced.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  See meeting agenda linked above.

I look forward to seeing you at upcoming PPCC Zoom meetings . . . . Meanwhile, stay safe and well!

Best regards,

David Card