This page provides downloads of important emergency information.

Map Your Neighborhood (MYN)
This valuable program — sponsored in the Palisades by the American Red Cross, Santa Monica Chapter — prepares neighborhoods for emergencies and disaster situations.  Community members are encouraged to organize their neighborhoods to participate in MYN.

Information about the program:  Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) Overview
Request a presentation:  MYN Presentation Request Form

Earthquake Early Warning Cellphone App
How to download the app:  ShakeAlertLA App Information

CalFire “Get Ready for Wildfire” App
How to download the app:  Ready for Wildfire App Information

Emergency Preparedness Guides
These emergency preparedness program files were developed by long-time community leader and past PPCC Chair Flo Elfant as a public service for the Pacific Palisades community.  Three major emergency preparedness guides are presented here.

The first guide, Family & Business Information Plus Personal Survival Guide, provides information for a family unit.  This guide helps your family prepare for and, if necessary, deal with a major disaster such as an earthquake, wildfire, flu pandemic or terrorist attack.  It contains a variety of resources relevant to dealing with such disasters.  Family & Business Guide

The second guide is the Neighborhood Emergency Planning Guide — useful for organizing members of your local neighborhood in the event of a disaster.  Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Guide

The third guide is the Business Emergency Planning Guide to assist business owners in creating a disaster preparedness plan specific to the needs of their business.  Business Emergency Preparedness Guide