Potrero Canyon — Park Staff and Service Requests (Graffiti, Trash, Emergencies) Updates

RAP — Recreation & Parks Dept.
BOE — Bureau of Engineering
CD11 — Office of Council District 11/Councilwoman Traci Park


4/11/23:  Unfortunately, tagging (graffiti) is repeatedly found on Park signs, bathroom walls/doors and other structures.  PCOC members continue to alert RAP to these instances and are working to implement solutions to the problem.

3/29/23:  There is currently no publicly-posted Park address that accurately informs visitors or emergency responders of the main Park entrance at Frontera Dr. The RAP website lists the address of the Park as the Palisades Recreation Center address:  851 Alma Real Dr., Pacific Palisades.  RAP advises that it is working on the issue. The PCOC will monitor.

3/24/23:  LAFD Station 69 advises that firefighters are able to access the Park through the locked vehicle gate at the Frontera entrance; in case of a serious emergency in the canyon, call 911 and expressly ask for LAFD Station 69 to be alerted to come to Potrero Canyon Park at the Palisades Recreation Center.  LAPD SLO Brian Espin and other officers also have the ability to access a lockbox on site with keys to open the gate.  Contact information at:  Government Contacts

3/20/23:  RAP was notified of graffiti (tagging) on Park signs and bathroom doors; RAP Maintenance is working to clean up all graffiti.

3/20/23:  RAP was notified of a dead deer found near the Rhino gate at the south end (mouth) of the canyon; RAP Maintenance removed the carcass.