Potrero Canyon — Park Staff and Service Requests (Graffiti, Trash, Emergencies) Updates

RAP — Recreation & Parks Dept.
BOE — Bureau of Engineering
CD11 — Office of Council District 11/Councilwoman Traci Park

5/30/24:  See the entries for 5/30/24 and 5/21/24 under Landscaping, regarding the use of the heribicide “Cheetah Pro” at the Park.

4/27/24:  Last week, extensive, aggressive tagging occurred, defacing signs and hardscape elements throughout the Park. The scope of the graffiti was observed to be far wider than what had occurred in the past.  LAPD is determining whether there are any monikers that may indicate gang activity, but acknowledge that people/teens can easily access the park after hours by jumping over the fence. No feasible solutions have been proposed at this time.

11/28/23:  CD 11 advises that the sewer line has been repaired.  Both Park restrooms are now open.

11/22/23:  The Friends St. gate has been reopened.  One Park restroom is now open, but the second restroom remains closed.  RAP staff advises that sewer repairs are ongoing.

11/19/23:  The Friends St. entrance gate is locked while the sewer is still being repaired.  Other Park entrance gates remain operational.  A sign posted on the Friends St. gate indicates that the work may be completed as early as next week.

10/23/23:  The root of the blockage that led to restroom closures has been discovered at the bottom of the canyon. BOE crews are prepared to remedy and are working to schedule the work. CD11 estimates that the work will take one month. Further updates will be provided.

9/14/23:  BOE is continuing investigation of the Park sewer line problem and will seek funding for required repairs.  The restrooms will remain closed until the repairs are completed.

8/11/23:   The Park has reopened but major sewer line repairs are ongoing.

8/4/23:  The Park has been closed until further notice in order for necessary major sewer line repairs.  The restrooms are expected to reopen after the repairs are completed.

7/20/23:  The Park restrooms remain closed, with no time estimate as to when the sewer line will be repaired and the restrooms will reopen.

7/3/23:  BOE Park project manager Kristen Ly advises that there does not appear to be a “simple fix” to the sewer line problem.  BOE is continuing to assess the conditions and is working to identify the source of the repair.  It’s unlikely that the restrooms will be operational on July 4th. There is no time estimate for when the repair will be completed and the restrooms will be reopened.

7/1/23:  See entry for 7/1/23 under Landscaping, regarding pooling water and request for treatment by Vector Control.

7/1/23:  The Park restrooms remain closed and inoperable.  RAP has advised that BOE is working on the required sewer line repairs.  No information has been provided as to when the repairs will be completed.  We have stressed to both RAP and BOE the importance of having working restrooms, particularly in time for the 4th of July events, when many visitors to the community and the Park are expected. We will continue to monitor.

6/23/23:  The Park restrooms have been locked and inoperable since last weekend.  RAP advises that they are working on a major issue involving sewage (estimated date for completion of work and reopening of bathrooms is not yet known).

4/11/23:  Unfortunately, tagging (graffiti) is repeatedly found on Park signs, bathroom walls/doors and other structures.  PCOC* members continue to alert RAP to these instances and are working to implement solutions to the problem.

3/29/23:  There is currently no publicly-posted Park address that accurately informs visitors or emergency responders of the main Park entrance at Frontera Dr. The RAP website lists the address of the Park as the Palisades Recreation Center address:  851 Alma Real Dr., Pacific Palisades.  RAP advises that it is working on the issue. The PCOC* will monitor.

3/24/23:  LAFD Station 69 advises that firefighters are able to access the Park through the locked vehicle gate at the Frontera entrance; in case of a serious emergency in the canyon, call 911 and expressly ask for LAFD Station 69 to be alerted to come to Potrero Canyon Park at the Palisades Recreation Center.  LAPD SLO Brian Espin and other officers also have the ability to access a lockbox on site with keys to open the gate.  Contact information at:  Government Contacts

3/20/23:  RAP was notified of graffiti (tagging) on Park signs and bathroom doors; RAP Maintenance is working to clean up all graffiti.

3/20/23:  RAP was notified of a dead deer found near the Rhino gate at the south end (mouth) of the canyon; RAP Maintenance removed the carcass.

*Note: the prior PPCC Potrero Canyon Oversight Committee (PCOC) is no longer active as of July 2024; matters involving Potrero Canyon are regularly monitored by PPCC members.

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