Next PPCC Board meeting:  July 9, 2020
PPCC Board Meeting Agenda July 9, 2020 
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Message from the Chair

Dear Community,

Coronavirus:  PPCC stands with the Palisades community as we all struggle to cope with the pandemic and the resulting Safer at Home directives.  We will continue to be a voice for Pacific Palisades during this difficult period.  We invite you to visit:

City Budget, Public Safety & Recent Civil Unrest:  See the PPCC Executive Committee’s recent letter to Councilmember Bonin on the City budget and funding for public safety.  We have also issued this public statement:  “In the wake of protests following the George Floyd tragedy, the Executive Committee expresses support for the calls for justice and elimination of systemic racism.  At the same time, we continue to express support for the efforts of our local law enforcement officers and appreciate that they are exemplars of positive community policing.”

Housing Density Bills:  We are concerned about the risk of harm to lives and property should lawmakers pass recent bills in the state legislature calling for increased density (more dwelling units, more population) without an unconditional exemption for parcels located in the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone (VHFHSZ).  All of the Palisades is in the VHFHSZ.  See the Executive Committee’s June 8 and June 15 position letters to the Senate Appropriations Committee and Policy Statement on this subject, posted on our Motions & Positions page (scroll down to Planning & Density).  See also recent update on the status of several housing bills (as of June 27):  Housing Density Bills Update.

Proposed Homeless Shelter:  The City has announced that the use of recreation centers as emergency homeless shelters will end by September 30; Councilmember Bonin has advised that the Palisades Recreation Center is no longer being considered for use as a homeless shelter.  See the PPCC Executive Committee’s original letter to elected officials on the use of our Recreation Center as a homeless shelter.

Officers’ Nomination & Election:  At our June 30th meeting, the Nominating Committee (Sue Kohl, Chair;  Steve Cron, Cathi Ruddy) announced its nominees for officer positions for the 2020-2021 term:  David Card, Chair; David Kaplan, Vice-Chair; Richard Cohen, Treasurer; Chris Spitz, Secretary.  Pending ratification by the Board of the election timeframe authorized by the Executive Committee, nominations from the Board will be accepted until 15 minutes before the scheduled close of the next PPCC meeting on July 9.

Meetings/Resolution to Suspend & Extend PPCC Elections:   All PPCC board meetings from March through June 11 were cancelled due to coronavirus conditions and the Safer at Home orders.  The PPCC Executive Committee adopted a Resolution in March suspending and extending the officers’ and elected representatives’ election and terms of office until such time as meetings could resume and elections could be held and completed.  See 3/30/20 EC Resolution.  Now, the PPCC board voted on June 30 to amend the Bylaws in order to allow virtual Board meetings during exigent circumstances (see below).

PPCC Special Zoom Meetings/Bylaws Amendments:  The Executive Committee authorized holding two Special Zoom board meetings (on June 25 and June 30), in order for the board to consider and vote on Bylaws amendments, recommended by the PPCC Bylaws Committee, that would allow board meetings going forward to be held “virtually” during exigent circumstances. At the June 25th meeting, the Board ratified the Executive Committee’s authorization of these meetings; at the June 30th meeting, the board voted unanimously to approve the Bylaws amendments.

Next PPCC meeting:  The next PPCC meeting will take place on July 9 and will  be held via Zoom.  LAFD Deputy Chief Armando Hogan, West Bureau Commander, will be our guest speaker.  To see the agenda click on the link above.

I look forward to seeing you around town and at PPCC meetings as soon as possible . . . .  Meanwhile, stay safe and well!

Best regards,

David Card