Message from the Chair, Maryam Zar

This month at the PPCC we will be providing a forum for discussion for some important matters that have come before the community. These include the new book store at the library, which compares to the old Village Books, the construction project on Earlham street at the rim of Potrero Canyon, the continuation of the Shell Station CUP and CUB, as well as a report on the Caruso Village construction project and an opportunity for Q & A.

We welcome a new Board member in the Education category. Leiauna Anderson comes to us from Canyon School, the primary member of that category for this term. She replaces Dustin hall, whom we thank for his service.

We bid a fond farewell to Sharon Shapiro, our formidable CD11 Field Deputy, who has left her position for a new opportunity. We wish her well and have every faith in the office of our Councilmember, Mike Bonin, to continue to be in close contact with us and assist the Palisades community as it has in years past.

We thank Richard Cohen for his continued steady service to the PPCC over the years, and welcome the generous donation from Morgan Stanley Foundation (the philanthropic arm of his employer, Morgan Stanley) in recognition of his volunteer service. A letter of thanks has been sent to Morgan Stanley Foundation.

As we enter Spring, I wish you all a season of renewal and joyful reconnection with the nature that abounds us and friends and family that can keep us centered and focused on the things that matter. Happy Easter, Passover and NoRooz to all who celebrate!

Best, Maryam
PPCC Chair