June 2017 Meeting Recap

Message from the Chair, Maryam Zar

Dear Palisadians;

As we wind into summer it’s hard to believe how much we’ve undertaken since the term of the current Officers began last July. At our first JuneĀ board meeting we held Officer elections, and affirmed the nominated candidates to continue another steady term as Officers. On behalf of us all, I thank you for your continued support.

In the last few months, we’ve addressed policing in the Palisades, both as an issue of traffic/motorcycle safety, as well as enforcement of laws along our beaches, bluffs and residential communities. We’ve had the support of LAPD West Operations Captain: Nieto, and Traffic Division Captain: Thomas. We’ve managed to hold on to Officer Redican (“Rusty”) and fortify his team with the support of Deputy Chief of Police Dennis Kato, and regain habitual traffic task forces aimed at curbing unsafe motorcycle ridership with the help of LAPD Traffic Sergeant, Danny Eun. In the meantime, City Bureau of Engineering has undertaken surveys of our roads and are crafting new recommendations for some of our trouble spots, including Sunset & Chautauqua, PCH & Temescal, PCH/Channel Rd. & Chautauqua (at the merger).

We’ve helped influence what will ultimately be legislation aimed at Short Term Rentals, mobilized to defeat SB649, which would take away local controls on the construction of cell towers, engaged in a conversation with LADWP about our community preference for residential safety and visual aesthetics in our utility provisions, and had a say in the way our community is treated when the city recodes neighborhoods that are residentially zoned. We’ve also had our shortfalls. Though unrelated to the work of PPCC, the Superior Court of CA ruled as a matter of law to approve a sign application that we, as a community, had recommended against, and we struggle still to find recourse. Though we have expressions of regret from City agencies, we have no remedy, just a resolute promise not to repeat. Firm processes are now being implemented to ensure our local voice at City Planning.

Our Councilmember, Assemblymember and County Supervisor have introduced new Field Deputies for our community. We welcome them all, Lisa Cahill, Melissa Kaufler and Stephanie Cohen, respectively.

In the coming months, we will keep abreast of the progress of HHH and keep track of housing bills introduced in the Senate and Assembly that may impact our community, broadly as part of LA City and narrowly as Pacific Palisades; we will continue to monitor the construction at Caruso Village Project and keep tabs on the time-line they’ve presented for completion while attempting to ensure community safety and traffic flow; we will consider more CUBs and work to preserve the home-town quality of the Palisades and we will monitor the aftermath of the sign debacle to ensure it does not become the bulwark of a new trend.

In the meantime, we will see you at 4th of July festivities. To volunteer on the 4th click here. To make a float and ride in the parade, click here. To buy concert and fireworks tickets, click here. To decorate your bike and enter to win after you pedal your way through the parade, click here. See you all there!

Thank you all for staying engaged with us and I look forward to seeing you at our public Board meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month – with exceptions in July (July 27th only), Aug (August 24th only), Nov & Dec.

Best, Maryam
PPCC Chair