CM Mike Bonin Message: More Coronavirus Information (as of 4/3/20)

Further Updates:  Homeless Matters, Resolution Regarding PPCC Elections (as of 3/31/20)

PP News/Updates:  Coronavirus, Shelter & More; 4/9 Meeting Cancellation (as of 3/28/20)

PP Homeless Shelter/Mayor’s Office Response (as of 3/25/20)

Update on PP Homeless Shelter (as of 3/23/20)

Temporary Homeless Shelter in PP/PPCC EC Letter (3/21/20)

COVID-19 in PP; Councilmember Bonin Message (as of 3/20/20)

Coronavirus Resources & Information (as of 3/19/20)

Message from the Chair

Dear Community,

Coronavirus:  PPCC stands with the Palisades community as we all struggle to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.  We will continue to be a voice for Pacific Palisades during this difficult period.

See Coronavirus LA for updates about the situation in Los Angeles.  For a message from LAPD West Division Commanding Officer Capt. Jonathan Tom, click on Capt. Tom Message.  For Palisades store hours, visit Post Store Hours List (updated as of 3/25/20).  See above for additional links to information.

Proposed Homeless Shelter:  The PPCC Executive Committee has written to City officials, expressing numerous questions and considerations about an emergency homeless shelter proposed for Pacific Palisades.  See PPCC EC Letter, also linked above, and an additional PPCC EC Letter to the Mayor.  Please also additional  links above for further information and communications with the Mayor’s office and Councilmember Bonin.  We’ve been told that the Palisades Recreation Center is not designated for use as a homeless shelter unless capacity is reached at the other recreation centers in LA.  We will share with the community any additional responses received.

Homeless Health/Safety (Beach Restrooms & Washing Facilities):  We have learned of unhealthy and hazardous conditions at our beach areas due to the closure of the beach parking lot restrooms.  See PPCC EC Letter, requesting the installation of portable toilets and hand washing stations at three locations along PCH at Will Rogers State Beach parking lots.  The County’s response has been positive and officials are working with PPTFH to address the situation.

Meeting Cancellation:  PPCC’s April 9th meeting has been canceled, due to the Library closure and the City’s “Safer at Home” order, consistent with the California Dept. of Public Health Policy re COVID-19.  Previously scheduled items will be postponed to a later date, when meetings can resume (TBD). Any items subject to a comment deadline before the Board is able to meet will be considered by the Executive Committee for possible emergency action (per PPCC’s Bylaws).  We will keep the community apprised of developments.

Please visit the Meeting Recaps page for more detailed recaps of our recent past meetings as well as recent past announcements.  For additional news during the coronavirus crisis, see announcements linked above.

Alternate Representative Applications:  The PPCC Areas 4 and 6 2nd Alternate Representative seats remain open.   Contact for information on how to apply for these seats.

1270 Marinette Rd. Project:  In light of the March 31 deadline for public comment, the PPCC Executive Committee recently reviewed the Land Use Committee’s Report & Recommendations regarding this project and pursuant to PPCC’s Bylaws voted unanimously to approve the Recommendations, with one small amendment.  See PPCC Comment Letter of 3/27/20.

Proposed Chautauqua Crosswalk Removal:  PPCC has learned that after receiving many comments from the community, LADOT has revisited the crosswalk and found that short-term improvements can be done in order to keep the marked crosswalk.  Some of these improvements will be re-striping of the crosswalk with some additional warning signs for southbound traffic.  Meanwhile, the proposed crosswalk removal signs have been taken down.

Highlands Trailhead Bathroom Enforcement:  Coastal Commission Statewide Enforcement Analyst Heather Johnston had advised that the Trailhead Bathroom enforcement matter (16701 Via la Costa) would be taken up by the Commission at its April meeting in Oxnard (the April meeting has now been canceled; we don’t know yet if this matter will be on the May agenda).  Ms. Johnston had suggested that persons supportive of enforcement should send individual letters to Ms. Johnston at  If you do send a letter, please copy Area 2 (Highlands) Representative Steve Cron ( as he is keeping track of all letters sent to the Commission.  A reminder:  See PPCC’s 2018 Letter to the Commission.

Upcoming Meetings/Resolution to Suspend & Extend PPCC Elections:   PPCC’s meetings in March and on April 9th were cancelled due to the coronavirus.  We don’t know when we’ll be able to resume our regular meetings.  Since the officer election process is beginning soon (with Area and At-large Representative elections following after the officers’ election), it became necessary for the PPCC Executive Committee to adopt a Resolution suspending and extending all elections and extending the current officers’ and Representatives’ terms of office until such time as elections can be held and completed.  See EC Resolution.

Stay tuned for more information about the status of PPCC meetings and elections.

I look forward to seeing you around town and at PPCC meetings, hopefully in the near future.  Stay well, practice social distancing and wash hands frequently!

Best regards,

David Card