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1/17/22 PPCC Letter to City 
1/12/22 LUC Final Report
10/28 2nd Interim Report (Marquez/Ida project & zoning)
10/28 Palisades Zoning Chart

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Message from the Chair

Dear Community,

Palisades Homeless Count Update:  The Homeless Count — originally scheduled for January 26 — has been postponed (by LAHSA) to February 23, 2022!  For more information and to register to volunteer, visit PPTFH Homeless Count Flyer (note the date is now changed) or contact Kim Clary/David Moreno.

Public Safety: Extensive materials on public safety and disaster readiness, compiled by PPCC, can also be found HERE . . . and we continue to invite the community to visit County COVID-19 Vaccinations for updated information about COVID-19 vaccines and booster availability.

Board Meeting Update:  PPCC’s first Board meeting of the New Year took place on January 13, 2022, and included consideration of an LUC report with recommended changes related to Palisades zoning, as well as a WRAC-recommended motion to support a ban on bicycle “chop shops” in public spaces and in the public right of way.

The Board unanimously passed a motion, as recommended by the LUC, to urge prompt implementation of the Bonin motion in City Council and to apply the more restrictive standards of the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance to R1/Non-Hillside/Coastal areas, as an interim measure until adoption of our updated Community Plan and/or a Local Coastal Program for Pacific Palisades (see the LUC Report for exact language).  The Board also unanimously passed the motion to support a ban on bicycle “chop shops.”

For more information about the January 13th meeting, see the 1/13/22 Meeting Recap.

Upcoming PPCC meetings (all meetings at 6pm via Zoom until further notice):

January 27, 2022:  LAPD presentation on public safety and community-police engagement (first in a series); (tentative) presentation on Metropolis parking app (used at the Bank of America parking lot in the Village); WRAC-recommended motion re SB 9/the Housing Element.

February 10, 2022:  LAPD presentation on public safety and community-police engagement (second in a series).

February 24, 2022:  LAPD presentation on public safety and community-police engagement (third in a series).

I look forward to seeing you around town and at upcoming PPCC meetings.  Happy New Year — and Happy 100th Birthday, Pacific Palisades — January 14, 2022!

Best regards,

David Card