Executive Cmtee Letter Re Palisades Village Parking

Caruso Letter in Response to Executive Cmtee Letter

PPCC Final Agenda October 25, 2018


Message from the Chair, George Wolfberg

Dear community members,

Don’t forget!  PPCC is continuing to accept nominations from the community for the 2018 Citizen of the Year and Golden Sparkplug Awards.  Nominations must be received by 9pm on October 27.  The honorees will be announced at the PPCC meeting on November 8 and the awards will be presented at the annual Awards Gala on December 13 (details to follow).  For information on awards eligibility and nomination submission requirements, click on the “Awards Nominations Press Release” link, above this message.

PPCC’s last board meeting on October 11 featured the board’s election of Area and At-large Alternate representatives, a presentation about PRIDE projects in the community, and briefings on the state’s REAL CA driver license/ID and Uber/JUMP electric bikes (dockless electric bike-sharing, coming soon to Los Angeles).  Visit Meeting Recap for more details.

Looking ahead, PPCC’s next board meeting will take place on October 25, 2018, at 7pm at the Palisades branch library.  The agenda will include presentations about protection of the urban tree canopy by Ileana Wachtel of the Coalition to Preserve LA and a briefing about new landscaping plans for Fire Station 69 by Tracey Price (American Growers) and Station 69 firefighters.  There will be a fun fundraiser for the landscaping project on November 3 at Porta Via Palisades Restaurant (pancake breakfast/brunch).  For more information visit Station 69 Fundraiser.

I look forward to seeing you around town and at a future meeting.

Best regards,

George Wolfberg