Land Use Committee (LUC) Information:

Function:  to help standardize and professionalize the PPCC Board’s consideration of zoning and land use related issues by offering thorough, consistent and well-researched analysis and recommendations to the Board.
Land Use Committee Formation
LUC Policy & Procedures 

Committee email/requests to review projects: or

(Note:  Committee dissolves as of June 30, 2022; new appointments by the PPCC President may take place after July 1, 2022.)

Committee members through 6/30/22 (2021-22):
Howard Robinson, planning consultant, resident, past PPCC Area 3 2nd Alternate (Committee Chair)
Richard Blumenberg, PPCC Civic League Representative
Steve Cron, PPCC Area 2 Representative
David Kaplan, PPCC Vice-Chair
Rick Mills, PPCC Area 4 Representative
Patti Post, PPCC Transportation Advisor
Joanna Spak, PPCC Area 1 Representative
Chris Spitz, PPCC Secretary
David Card, PPCC Chair (ex officio/non-voting)