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Voting Members in Attendance:  Chris Spitz, Andrew Wolfberg, Jennifer Malaret, Richard Cohen, Mark Roosa, Jack Allen, Gil Dembo, Kelly Comras (not in attendance for vote on motions), Harry Sondheim, Barbara Kohn, Joyce Brunelle, Jim Rea, Richard Wulliger, George Wolfberg, Stuart Muller, Sue Kohl, Wally Hastings, Cathy Russell and Paul Glasgall.

Voting Alternates:  Donna Vaccarino, Brenda Theveny and Carol Bruch.

Non-voting Advisors and Alternates:  Flo Elfant, Steve Boyers, Quentin Fleming, Ted Mackie, Laura Mack, Jennifer Zeller and Schuyler Dietz.

Start of Business Meeting

1.    Reading of Community Council’s Mission.  Andrew Wolfberg read the Mission Statement.

2.    Call to Order and Introduction of the Board and Audience.  The President Chris Spitz called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Introduction of the Board and audience.

3.   Certification of Quorum.  The President certified that a quorum was present at 7:02 pm.

4.    Adoption of Minutes.  The August 14, 2014 minutes were deemed adopted as corrected.  Next Meetings: PPCC will NOT be meeting on September 24, 2014 due to the holidays.  October 9, 2014. October 23, 2014. November 13, 2014. December 11, 2014.

5.    Consideration of Agenda.  The President considered the agenda.

6.    Treasurer’s Report.  Richard Cohen reported the financial status as of September 11, 2014. The total account balances equal $37,302. The Citizen of the Year Account has been closed out and proceeds moved to the council’s main account. Results for the newsletter and election ballots have been accounted for. The newsletter is currently at a deficit of approximately –($1,600).

7.    Reports, Announcements and Concerns.

7.1.    Announcements from the President.

7.1.1.    Results of Election for Representatives, Areas 1-8 and At-Large Representative Election.  Term runs from October 1, 2014 – September 30, 2016 (two years). Chris Spitz announced the results of the Area and At-Large Representative elections. Jennifer Malaret thanked the Election Committee and the Outreach Committee for their efforts throughout the summer and with the election and outreach processes. See results reported below.

7.1.2.    Announcement of Procedures for Applications to Become an Alternate Area Representative for Areas 1-8 and the community “At-Large” Representative. Appointment of the Three Chairs Committee (Barbara Kohn (Chair), Richard Cohen and Shirley Haggstrom). See Notice Below. Chris encouraged submissions and public interest.

7.1.3.    Organizational Representatives for 2014/2015.  Term runs from October 1, 2014 – September 30, 2015 (one year). See Preliminary List Below (subject to revision as of October 9, 2014). Chris said a farewell and thank you to the Organizational Representatives who will be leaving the Board as of the end of September (organizations rotating out in their categories): Andy Frew, Theatre Palisades; Mark Roosa, St. Matthews School; Sue Kohl, PPBA; Bill Snyder, Masonic Lodge.

7.1.4.    Start of PPCC’s Fiscal Year.  October 1, 2014.

7.1.5.    Submission to CD-11 Regarding Small Asphalt Repairs.  Direct service requests can be sent to Chris reported that Area Representatives submitted a list of suggested repairs that would be sent to the City.

7.1.6.    PPCC On-Line Survey.  The survey is still active and Chris encouraged residents to respond by September 30, 2014.

7.1.7.    PPCC Meeting January 22, 2015:  Forum on the Design Review Board Proposed Design Guidelines for the Palisades Village/Specific Plan area, 7 pm – 9 pm in the Palisades branch library (in the planning stage). Chris encouraged the board and public to attend.

7.1.8.   Community Service Award – Chris reported that a committee is to be formed and nominations to be accepted beginning October 9, 2014.

7.1.9.    Congress of Neighborhood Councils – September 20, 2014.  Please see the City website.

7.1.10.    Palisadian Post – Welcome back to news editor Reza Gostar.

7.2.    Announcements from Governmental Representatives.

7.2.1.    Los Angeles Police Department (“LAPD”) – SLO Officer Moore.
(1) Burglaries in the Palisades – primary issue is that doors and windows remain unsecured. SLO Moore encouraged residents to secure second story windows and doors, keep shrubbery low, close curtains and to engage alarm/video surveillance systems.

7.2.2. Los Angeles City Council, District 11; Councilmember Mike Bonin’s Office.  Norman Kulla in attendance.
(1) Homeless in Bernheimer Gardens. Norman thanked Jim Rea for chairing a City/community meeting. (2) Big Blue Bus Survey Related to the Expo Line Connection to the Palisades – Norman encouraged residents to take the survey.

7.2.3.    Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Daniel Tamm Westside Area Representative, Mayor’s Interfaith Liaison (*attending on the 4th Thursday of each month). Mayor’s Website: City Services webpage: MyLA Phone App:
(1) Proposal to Raise the Minimum Wage in Los Angeles from $9.00 to $13.25 over the next three years; thereafter the wage increase would be tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) such that it remains consistent with the cost of living. Councilmember Bonin supports the proposal. See

7.2.4.    California State Assembly, Office of Assemblymember Richard Bloom’s Office, Stephanie Cohen Field Representative. Website: Email: Office: (310) 450-0041 — None in attendance.

7.2.5. California State Senator Ted Lieu, ((Janet Turner; District Representative Office: (310) 318-6994). (1) Conditions relative to ABC Licensing and CUB applications.

7.3.    Announcements from Board Members and Advisors.

7.3.1.    Officers/Area Representatives.
(1) George Wolfberg (At-Large) gave reports on the Administrative Citation Enforcement (“ACE”] and the City’s upcoming Budget Day event on September 20, 2014. (2) Paul Glasgall (Area 2) gave a report on the proposed Highlands development (lot next to Casa Nostra) and recent meeting among the twenty-two associations in the Highlands. (3) Jim Rea (Area 3) gave a report on Bernheimer Gardens homeless/transient update. (4) Harry Sondheim (Area 4) suggested that PPCC devote a particular meeting to each of Areas 1-8. (5) Stuart Muller (Area 6) reported on banners sited on Temescal Canyon Boulevard.

7.3.2.    Organizational Representatives.
(1) Joyce Brunelle (Chamber of Commerce) – encouraged the public to attend the Chamber’s upcoming polo event.

7.3.3.    PPCC Advisors.
(1) Flo Elfant – encouraged the public to donate funds to assist in updating and re-publishing the community’s disaster preparedness folders.

7.3.4.    Board Members, Other Reports.
(1) Paul Glasgall, West Los Angeles informational meeting regarding ABC licensing/CUB (Conditional Use Beverage) permit procedures.

8.    Reports from Committees.
Chris reported that the Outreach Committee will continue through the end of September. The remainder of the report was deferred in the interest of time.

9.    Old Business — None.

10.    New Business.

10.1.    Proposed Palisades Charter High School Walk/Run Event.
Saturday October 25, 2014, 7 am to 9 am.  Speakers:  The Education Foundation: Hema Anwar, Chair and Sara Margiotta, Chair. Presentation:  Community support at this event was encouraged. Proceeds benefit local schools.

10.2.   LaCruz Parklet Forum.
Speakers: PRIDE, Don Scott. LADOT, Valerie Watson. Discussion. Question & Answer. Proposed Motion, Westside Regional Alliance of Councils (“WRAC”): “WRAC urges the Mayor, LADOT and the City Council to amend the process for consideration of design and location of L.A. People St projects (including Plazas, Parklets and Bicycle Corrals) to include a requirement for advance notice to and consultation with Neighborhood and Community Councils. To the extent applicable, designs and locations should comply with local Specific Plans we also urge the program to comply with CEQA as necessary.” (“the WRAC Motion”). Background: Chris outlined the procedure for presentations and timing of questions and answers. Presentation: PRIDE (Don Scott) gave a presentation in support of the parklet in this location. Forms are available regarding the parklet at the Garden Café. Plaques will be placed on the park let to recognize donors. (2) Patti Bernman (Board Member, Downtown Neighborhood Council) spoke in favor of the parklet, the pedestrian experience and the economic drive of keeping people in commercial areas. (3) CD-11: Norman Kulla read a statement from Councilmember Bonin in support of the People for Street Program and acknowledging PRIDE’s track record of local installations. The application met LADOT’s criteria and the Councilmember supported the project. LADOT says the safety issues can be addressed through smart design. The parklet is a pop up installation that can be removed easily if not workable or problematic. As Chair of the Transportation Committee, the Councilmember supports future LADOT applicants to engage their neighborhood councils. If PRIDE installs the parklet the Councilmember will support that project. (4) Valerie Watson (LADOT) thanked the community for their interest in the proposal. (5) PPCC reported for the record that written comments totaled 23 letters from individuals and organizations expressed concerns or opposition. 2 supportive communications were received. (5) David Peterson (Huntington HOA, President) spoke in opposition to the parklet with concern primarily relative to the high concentration of children and schools coupled with multi-directional traffic. (6) Dick Wulliger (Historical Society) reported that the board voted against the parklet and suggested that the Design Review Board review and approve the project. Comment/Questions: (1) Richard Cohen questioned the safety standards for parklets which require the location to be one parking space away from a corner. Richard stated that the location of this parklet in the middle of an intersection does not meet this requirement and noted that no specific safety study of this site has been done.  Norman reported that Ms. Reynolds of LADOT toured the site and that her response was that it will be safe with Councilmember Bonin’s concurrence that it will be safe.  Chris noted for the record that PPCC had requested to be included in an on-site review but was not invited to this tour.  Valerie Watson stated that the City’s Transportation Engineer, Pauline Chan, had responded to PPCC’s records request and that this response was sufficient to answer Richard’s question. (2) Local resident spoke against the project expressing safety concerns about congregated children in an intersection. (3) Local resident spoke against the project expressed safety concerns about the unsupervised nature of children in this area next to a congested traffic area. (4) Local resident questioned the accuracy of the PRIDE survey and opposed the parklet noting the safety concerns and loss of a street parking space. (5) A local resident asked what the operating hours of the parklet would be and concerns regarding the homeless and loss of parking. (6) A local resident expressed concern about the safety of the location. (7) A local resident asked about what safety features would be installed with the parklet and stated that there would be barriers for the parklet which would not extend fully into the street as far as the existing parking space. (8) Sue Kohl asked the City and CD-11 what time of day their tours and safety assessments were done along with concern for the children who are not necessarily inside of the parklet but those who are hanging around and outside of the parklet. Norman confirmed the City tour/visits were done mid-day and not at the time schools were starting or letting out. (9) Andrew Wolfberg asked if the City would commit to traffic enforcement resources if the parklet is installed. Norm stated that they would request enforcement during high traffic times. (10) Paul Glasgall spoke against this parklet project. (11) Schuyler Dietz suggested that the parklet would make the location safer for children who now sit on the curb to eat their food. (11) A local resident spoke in opposition to the project suggesting that LADOT focus their efforts instead on new sidewalks and new streets. (12) A local resident spoke in support of the location because there are three stop signs on either side of the intersection and hopes that the community will engage in efforts to make the Palisades more pedestrian friendly. (13) Shirley Haggstrom (former PPCC Chair) spoke against this location as the wrong project in the wrong place. (14) A local resident asked about the Design Review Board and the Caruso development suggesting that PPCC and the DRB have advance input rather than this project and the current project. (15) Jack Allen opposed the parklet because it does not belong in the T intersection, noting the lack of accident information reported to the LADOT, and the lack of bollards on the La Cruz side. (16) Jennifer Zeller asked if city funds have been allocated and questioned the process for removal if the parklet turns out to be a bad idea. Don Scott represented that PRIDE would remove the parklet within 72 hours. (1) Motion from the floor: Richard Cohen moved that “the Pacific Palisades Community Council finds a consensus in favor of parklets in general but is opposed to the specific parklet proposed for the Alma Real and La Cruz intersection. Accordingly, PPCC requests that PRIDE withdraw its application and/or that the City reject or rescind its approval.” Dick Wulliger seconded the motion. Discussion: Joyce Brunelle said that the intersection needs to be more defined, perhaps by flashing cross walk lights. Steve Boyers questioned whether it was proper for PPCC to take a position on this issue at this time. Chris responded as to why such action was proper, including the reflection of community opinion at public meetings and events and in written and verbal comments to PPCC throughout the summer; the fact that Board members were specifically asked in writing on two occasions prior to this meeting to ascertain the opinion of their constituents and/or organization boards; and the fact that community consensus is “reflected by two-thirds majority vote of the Board Members present, excluding abstentions” (PPCC Mission Statement).
Action: Carol Bruch called the question. A majority approved. The motion passed with 16 members in support. 4 members opposed, Wally Hastings, Joyce Brunelle, Andrew Wolfberg and Donna Vaccarino. (2) WRAC Motion. Barbara Kohn made the motion and Richard Cohen seconded. Discussion: Andrew Wolfberg asked if Councilmember Bonin would support the WRAC motion if and as passed by member councils. Norman confirmed he would. The motion passed unanimously. (Pursuant to custom and practice, the President votes only in the event of a tie; Chris accordingly did not vote on either motion.)

11.    General Public Comment.

11.1.    Andrew Wolfberg asked for interested persons to contact him regarding the annual polo tournament.

11.2.    Dick Wulliger spoke regarding the Asilomar slide problem and a recent meeting between Councilmember Bonin and local residents.

11.3.    Janet Turner reported that there is a library event for speakers on propositions relating to health insurance, water bonds, etc. on Tuesday September 30, 2014 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

11.4.    Stuart Muller expressed concern about the Garden Café’s infrastructure including tables, speakers and signs.

11.5.   Rick Mills stated that next Tuesday will be the DTSC meeting regarding Caruso’s remediation plans.

12.    Adjournment.  Chris Spitz adjourned the meeting at 8:59 pm.


ITEM 7.1.1 — Pacific Palisades Community Council Area and At-Large Representative 2014 Election Results


Area 1 – Castellemare, Paseo M, Los Liones 30 14
Area 2 – Highlands 58 31
Area 3 – Marquez/BBC/St. Matthews 196 64
Area 4 – El Medio Bluffs, High Schools 119 47
Area 5 – Alphabet Streets 163 64
Area 6 – Via Mesa/Huntington/Potrero 102 51
Area 7 – Santa Monica Canyons, Will Rogers 27 23
Area 8 – Riviera, Paul Revere 15 10
At-Large 4 4 TOTAL VOTES 714 308

Area 1 – Kelly Comras 30
Area 2 – Paul Glasgall 58
Area 7 – Cathy Russell 27
Area 8 – Reza Akef 15

Area 3 – Jim Rea 42
Area 3 – Greg Sinaiko 154
Initial AREAS WITH INSTANT RUNOFF First Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th ff
PROCEDURES APPLIED Votes RunOff RunOff RunOff RunOff
Area 4 – John Holcomb 27 — — — — —
Area 4 – Jennifer Lee 29 33 — — — —
Area 4 – Rick Mills 32 46 58 — — 58
Area 4 – Harry Sondheim 31 37 42 — — 42

Area 5 – Jack Allen 34 36 — — — —
Area 5 – Kathleen Jensen 7 — — — — —
Area 5 – Sue Kohl 68 71 86 — — 86
Area 5 – Ted Weitz 54 56 71 — — 71

Area 6 – Rachel Davis 14 16 17 — — —
Area 6 – Sharon Hays 19 19 21 29 39 39
Area 6 – David Kaplan 17 19 24 24 — —
Area 6 – Stuart Muller 29 32 36 39 40 40
Area 6 – Michael Soneff 14 14 — — — —
Area 6 – David Wolff 9 — — — — —

ITEM 7.1.2 — Pacific Palisades Community Council Announces Positions For Area and At-Large Alternate Representatives Now Open

(Pacific Palisades, CA)—The Pacific Palisades Community Council is pleased to announce that positions are now open for residents interested in serving as an Area or At-Large alternate representative in 2014-2016.

There are eight primary Area representatives and one At-Large representative on the PPCC Board of Directors. The primary representatives are elected by the community, while the alternate representatives must apply and are selected by the Board. Up to two alternate representatives (1st and 2nd alternates) will be chosen for each seat. The alternates as well as the primary representatives serve a two-year term, beginning in October 2014. Alternate representatives are encouraged to attend meetings and to participate in the discussion of issues, but do not vote unless the primary is absent.

Applicants for alternate Area representative must live within the specified boundaries of the area for which they are applying; the areas are detailed on the PPCC website, Applicants for alternate At-Large representative must live, own property or run a business within Pacific Palisades.

All interested parties must submit a Statement of any length indicating which position you are applying for (Area or At-Large alternate; 1st or 2nd alternate, or both). It is suggested that each applicant’s Statement include the number of years residing in Pacific Palisades; the number of years at the current address (or in the case At-Large alternates, the number of years running a business or owning property in Pacific Palisades); position on issues the applicant believes are of importance to the community or the applicant’s area; and a few biographical facts including any skills that the applicant would bring to PPCC.

Applicants for the 1st alternate position (Area or At-Large) must submit Statements prior to or by midnight on Friday, September 19, 2014. Applicants for the 2nd alternate position (Area or At-Large) must submit Statements prior to or by midnight on Saturday, October 4, 2014. Note: Statements must be submitted by September 19 if the applicant is applying for both 1st and 2nd alternate positions.

E-mail: (preferred method)
Mail: PPCC Candidate Statement
P.O. Box 1131
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Please direct questions to

ITEM 7.1.3 — Organizational Representatives on PPCC Board, beginning October 1, 2014:

Business and Commerce
Chamber of Commerce — tbd

Cultural, Ethics and Aesthetics
Friends of Library – Amy Kalp
(Alt) Garden Club – tbd

Paul Revere – Maryam Zar
(Alt) Calvary Christian – tbd

Historical Society – Dick Wulliger
(Alt) Eric Dugdale

Civic Organizations
PRIDE – Bruce Schwartz
(Alt) Civic League – Donna Vaccarino

YMCA – Carol Pfannkuche
(Alt) AYSO – Janet Anderson

Temescal Canyon Association – Gilbert Dembo
(Alt) Ted Mackie

Service Clubs
Optimists Club – tbd
(Alt) Women’s Club – tbd

Residents Association
PPRA – Janet Turner
(Alt) Brenda Theveny

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