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Voting Members in Attendance: Chris Spitz, Andrew Wolfberg, Jennifer Malaret, Richard Cohen, Barbara Kohn, Amy Kalp, Kelly Comras, Richard Wulliger, Gilbert Dembo, Donna Vaccarino, Brenda Theveny, Greg Sinaiko, Maryam Zar, Paul Glasgall, George Wolfberg, Stuart Muller, Sue Kohl, Rick Mills, Cathy Russell and Reza Akef.

Voting Alternates: Janet Anderson.

Non-voting Advisors and Alternates: Barbara Marinacci, David Kaplan, Ted Mackie, Doug McCormick, Bruce Schwartz, Howard Robinson, Michael Soneff, Brian Deming, Dave Peterson, Andrew Sachs and Laura Mack.

Start of Business Meeting

1.    Reading of Community Council’s Mission. George Wolfberg read the Mission Statement.

2.    Call to Order and Introduction of the Board and Audience. Chris Spitz called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm. Introduction of the Board and audience.

3.    Certification of Quorum. Chris certified that a quorum was present at 7:06 pm.

4.    Adoption of Minutes. Chris deemed the January 22, 2015 minutes adopted as corrected. Next meeting: Feb. 26: presentations and discussion of the 16990-17000 W. Sunset Boulevard apartment project likely deferred as the hearing date has been delayed until June 3, 2015. March 2015 is Public Safety Month at PPCC: March 4: special Hillside Fire Safety and Preparedness Community Meeting, co-sponsored by PPCC and Brentwood Community Council (BCC), Paul Revere Charter Middle School auditorium, 6:30-9:00 pm. March 12: Red Cross presentation regarding public health and safety; (tentative) discussion of the Caruso Affiliated (Village Project) ABC license renewal application. March 26: Westside Neighborhood Prosecutor Veronica de la Cruz-Robles presentation on crime and related legal issues.

5.    Consideration of Agenda. The President considered the agenda.

6.    Treasurer’s Report. Richard Cohen reported the financial status as of February 12, 2014. The total account balances equal $35,265.61. Richard stated that the only significant transaction was payment of a deposit for PPCC’s December 2015 holiday party.

7.    Reports, Announcements and Concerns.

7.1.    Announcements from the President, Chris Spitz.

7.1.1.    2014 Community Involvement/Survey.

Chris reported that, as most board members were aware, the results of the 2014 PPCC online survey were reported at our last board meeting. Some public reaction viewed the results in a “glass half empty” light and suggested various improvements to PPCC. Chris stated that another view is that this survey was PPCC’s first time ever survey, was started before PPCC had begun to do extended outreach, and 322 more responses to PPCC were received and recorded than ever before. As did prior PPCC Presidents Barbara Kohn and Janet Turner, Chris stated that she welcomed all positive suggestions for improvement and invited anyone and everyone in the community with constructive ideas to attend PPCC meetings, participate, ask to be on PPCC’s email list for notices, attend our meetings, and join all of us who volunteer our time on the PPCC board in helping to implement ideas and action to benefit our wonderful community. Chris reminded everyone to Like Us on Facebook – go to!

7.1.2.    AT&T cell tower/light pole at Sunset & Napoli.

Chris reported that the pole structure going up at this corner is a combined street light pole and so-called “stealth” cell tower, with the antennas to be hidden in the top portion. PPCC had presentations and discussion about this proposed structure with AT&T representatives in 2010 and 2011. Assuming the antennas will eventually be encased in a canister, it appears to conform with renderings we were previously shown. Please note that the Bureau of Street Lighting approved the structure and PPCC has been told that its size and design were dictated by the Bureau’s requirements in order to handle the weight of the new equipment. Chris stated that she would be available after the meeting to answere any further questions.

7.1.3.    Archer Forward Project/BCC position.

Chris reminded the board that PPCC had submitted a previous letter submitted to the City on this matter.  She reported that Brentwood Community Council passed a resolution last week to oppose the Archer Forward project as proposed in the Final EIR, “because of the substantial number of adverse impacts it would impose on the community.”  The resolution further states that BCC supports the current CUP and Alternative Plan No. 2 in the Final EIR, “provided that authorized traffic levels cannot exceed current levels.” BCC is continuing to work with all parties toward a resolution for Brentwood and the greater community.

7.1.4.    Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, sponsored by BCC.  March 5 (and 7 consecutive Thursdays thereafter): 6:30-9pm, Paul Revere. Chris reported that Palisadians are welcome to attend (please note conflict with certain PPCC board meetings in March and April). To sign up or for more information, contact or call Jerry at 310-472-4733.

7.1.5.    PPCC December 2015 meeting/holiday party venue.  Chris reported that the party will be held at the Gladstone’s private dining room. This location is large enough for our needs, has a nice menu and great atmosphere and will be a good value. The YMCA has been holding events there and reports very positively on their experience. We look forward to seeing you all at the event in December!

7.1.6.    Sunset Repaving.  Sunset will be closed between Kenter and Barrington February 14th and 15th.

7.2.    Announcements from Governmental Representatives.

7.2.1.    Los Angeles Police Department (“LAPD”) – SLO Officer Moore — Not in attendance.

7.2.2.    Los Angeles City Council, District 11; Councilmember Mike Bonin’s Office.

Norman Kulla in attendance. (1) Interim Control Ordinance – Norman had a correction to what was published in the Palisadian Post, i.e., much of the Palisades is in the coastal zone and hillside areas that the Interim Control Ordinance does not apply to – ie. what Blumenberg and most of the rules talked about do not apply to the Palisades. Where the BMO is applicable in the Palisades will remain the same. There is a Citywide initiative to eliminate increases of square footages in living area based on green requirements and balconies/patios. (2) Riviera Golf Tournament – the VA cancelled use of its parking which was 2,000 public spaces. Current shuttles will run from PCH Beach Will Rogeres parking lots (W, T and F and Beaches 3, 2, and 1 with excess parking going onto Temescal) and the Water Garden. (3) Reza Akef thanked CD-11 (Anna) for helping to clean up the catch basin at Allenford and Sunset. The catch basin at Will Rogers/before Brooktree going west on Sunset is still clogged. (4) Paul Glasgall thanked CD-11 (Anna) for its attention to the telephone pole at Bienveneda.

7.2.3.    Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Daniel Tamm Westside Area Representative, Mayor’s Interfaith Liaison (*attending on the 4th Thursday of each month).  Mayor’s Website: City Services webpage: MyLA Phone App: — Not in attendance.

7.2.4.    California State Assembly, Office of Assemblymember Richard Bloom’s Office, Stephanie Cohen Field Representataive.  Website: Email: Office: (310) 450-0041.

Stephanie Cohen in attendance. (1) Homeless Task Force – Stephanie thanked everyone who came out for the homeless count. (2) The legislative package for this year is being decided with one bill being introduced involving the arts. (3) Upcoming events include the 2/22/2015 child car seat safety event and an income tax preparation seminar for on 2/28/2015 for low-income individuals. Please call 1-866-910-9559 for more information.

7.2.5.    US Congressman Ted Lieu, Janet Turner; District Representative. (310) 652-3095.

Janet Turner in attendance. (1) Janet thanked Stuart Muller and all of the participants for their help with the homeless count. (2) VA Property – hearings will begin and Janet encouraged anyone with an interest or stake to contact her. (3) Ted’s swearing in will take place at Royce Hall on March 4th, 2 pm-4pm and Janet encouraged anyone interested in RSVP’ing to contact her. (4) Art Contest – [janet insert]. (5) Anthem Blue Cross Computer Breach – Anthem has reached out to the Congressman’s office so anyone who believes they are affected can contact Janet.

7.3.    Announcements from Board Members and Advisors – Written reports only.

7.3.1.    Officers/Area Representatives — None.

7.3.2.    Organizational Representatives – Report on Behalf of Organizations.  (1) Civic League will be meeting on Monday 2/23 to discuss the BMO. Issues include square footage, side yards and access to the rear yards.

7.3.3.    PPCC Advisors.  Laura Mack (Sustainability), report on NC Sustainability Alliance event, Feb. 21, 2015.  See report below [attachment].

7.3.4.    Board Members, Other Reports — None.

8.    Reports from Committees.

8.1.1.    Bylaws Committee – Jennifer Malaret (Chair).

Direct questions or comments regarding the existing PPCC bylaws and/or suggested changes to (A) The committee met in February 2015 and discussed changes to Appendix A and election procedures. (B) See second reading and proposed motion below to adopt proposed changes in response to a change in tax laws for non-profit corporations that no longer allows non-voting ex-officio board members. The bylaws committee sponsored the motion and George Wolfberg seconded. The motion passed unanimously.  [See attachment below.]

8.1.2.    Outreach Committee – Andrew Wolfberg (Chair).

Andrew reported on the recent committee meeting and plans for expanded outreach (social media/Facebook and table events) in accordance with their February 2015 meeting. Focus will be directed at the Facebook page where 253 people currently like the page. Andrew encouraged board members and all attendees to like PPCC on Facebook. The outreach committee will be at the Farmer’s Market also focusing on getting people to start with the Facebook page first and then going to PPCC’s website for more information. Andrew asked for people to submit photos that could be posted on Instagram (use #palisadescouncil) to also increase PPCC’s presence in the community and promoting resident’s ability to take part in and ownership of their community.

8.1.3.    PP Homeless Task Force – Maryam Zar (Chair).

Maryam submitted a report on the Homeless Count, Jan. 29, 2015. See report below [attachment].  Maps may be made available upon request. Maryam recognized those in attendance who were part of the Task Force and praised the organizers for how prepared the process was. Maryam summarized that going forward the next phase of the Task Force will be to engage a survey of the homeless encountered through LASA and the Department of Mental Health with a target completion date of February 2015 and information will be gathered through the summer of 2015. Transition into housing is an option and the task force is also working on other best practices that have helped other communities and to examine those that have not. Fire risk and safety assessment is of primary concern. Maryam asked the public to go to PPCC’s Facebook page and like it along with liking the Homeless Task Force page too. Chris thanked Maryam and all of the volunteers for their commitment and energy and enthusiasm devoted to the task force.

8.1.4.    Village Project Land Use Committee – David Kaplan (Chair).

David reported that the haul route conditions (environmental remediation phase) have been approved by the Board of Building & Safety Commissioners and work is expected to begin Feb. 11, 2015.  To view the conditions go to and click on link to the approval letter. The next tentative committee meeting is expected early March (date/time tbd), Palisades branch library, open to the public; expected discussion of Caruso Affiliated (Village Project) ABC license renewal application. Look for meeting details/confirmation to be announced via PPCC email and notices in the press and on Facebook/Nextdoor.

9.    Old Business.

9.1.   PPCC Awards – Citizen of the Year, Community Service Award & Sparkplug Awards.  Chris deferred the topic to the next agenda.

10.    New Business.

10.1.    Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (“DONE”) presentation regarding Neighborhood Council process.

Guest Speakers:  Thomas Soong, DONE Representative. Steve Sann, President, Westwood Community Council (WCC). Sandy Brown, Westwood community leader and board member of both WCC and Westwood Neighborhood Council (WNC). Sharon Commins, past President, Mar Vista Community Council (a certified Neighborhood Council), Co-Chair, Westside Regional Alliance of Councils Land Use & Planning Committee, and Co-Chair, ReCodeLA Zoning Advisory Committee. Additional remarks during the meeting from Dr. Jerry Brown, President of WNC and Jay Handal, President of West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (WLANC). Information and discussion only, no motions entertained.

Background: Chris Spitz reported that it has come to PPCC’s attention that there is interest in the community in forming a Neighborhood Council and that members of the community are meeting with CD-11 and other City Officials (including the City Attorney) to promote this effort. PPCC has discussed this matter in the past and again encourages the discussion to come out into the open for a transparent public discussion. This is why the matter is placed on tonight’s agenda.

Presentation: Thomas Soong. In 1999 the City Charter was changed to create the DONE. At that time there were no neighborhood NC’s so the charge was to work with the community to create NC’s. Today there are 96 NC’s within the City. NC’s have two main purposes. First to promote more citizen participation and second to make government more responsive to local needs. Benefits for NCs are: the ability to advise the mayor on the budget process at the Mayor’s annual budget day (through Budget Advocates who take input from stakeholders), $37,000 in annual funds (hire administrative staff, use neighborhood purpose grants to provide schools and non-profits with monies), file Community Impact Statements (“CIS”) which are read into City Council motions, to embrace the City’s stakeholder definition (live, work or own property and those that have a continued interest in the community), get the early notification system to see the City Council agendas/follow council files, before they are acted on, file CIS for and against land use proposals and to work with area planning staff with early notice of development in their area. NCs are partnering with each other to create emergency plan/LAFD/CERT task forces and collaborate with each other in various ways. NC’s can designate a liaison to work with City Departments on issues when needed. Over the last 16 years DONE has seen NC board members rise to participate in larger levels of City government. Thomas’ department provides technical assistance, training, mediation among NCs, and general support. To become a NC there is an application process (structure, outreach, petition, etc.) and then DONE does a report which is submitted to the Board of Commissioners that oversees the DONE department. The Board of Commissioners will certify or not prospective NCs. Speakers: Sharon Commins, Mar Vista, past President. NCs have a different election process, board members have to be removed by the City Attorney, there is no ability to sue, NC’s cannot appeal land use decisions by the City, and cautioned that regulations make it far different to function than a community council. Steve Sann, Westwood Community Council, President – Steve thanked PPCC for helping them form the Westwood CC and being the model for their council. Steve said that DONE has structural problems within their department. PPCC is the gold standard having existed for 40 years where DONE has existed for only 16 years. PPCC meets far more often than any NC. The NC system has positives including the $37,000 of taxpayer money that is received but that money comes at a heavy price. Rules are cumbersome to spend the money. Westwood is the only community that has both a neighborhood council and a community council. The NC was forced on the community in Westwood by a few disgruntled residents. Not one single NC organizer in Westwood was elected to the NC board and those affiliated with the community council have been elected to the NC board over the past three elections. The problem with duplicative councils is the potential for divisiveness and mischief when one group takes an opposing view that is not supported by the community but is listened to by the council member. Two case studies are the Playa Vista land use when the Playa Vista developer loaded the neighborhood council with their representatives for two years. In Eagle Rock the same thing happened where pot growers offered incentives to vote for their supporters on NC election boards. Steve stated that CIS are often not read nor considered by council members. NCs are governed by the Brown Act despite the fact that they are purely advisory and do not make any laws. Steve suggested that PPCC does not need the City to empower itself. Steve also remarked that the Palisades is unlike most other areas of the City, in that we have significant geographic portions that are regulated by County and/or State agencies (e.g., PCH, Santa Monica Mountains); PPCC often is called upon to interface with these agencies and an NC (a City agency) may be constrained from doing so. Sandy Brown, Westwood Property Owners Association and a WNC and WCC board member. Sandy stated that NCs lose their independent identity and spontaneous ability to hold meetings and control agendas. PPCC is already participating in the City government already and the NC idea is for those communities who have not had leadership in the past.

Discussion: (1) George Wolfberg stated that PPCC has participated in every budget day since 1999 but PPCC is not able to vote to select a Budget Advocate. Sharon Commins stated that Brentwood Community Council voted and that particularly with land use issues CCs do vote. (2) Reza Akef asked DONE to explain the process again. Thomas repeated that an application must be filed (structure, purpose, 250 petitions), DONE does a report and then the Board of Commissioners decides whether to certify the NC or not. (3) Amy Kalp suggested that PPCC form a subcommittee and asked to hear from someone from a Neighborhood Council. Jerry Brown, President of the Westwood NC, stated that the people who formed the NC have not attended a meeting in the last 4 ½ years. Several hundred signatures were obtained a Farmer’s Market in support and thousands of signatures were submitted in opposition with UCLA’s Chancellor asking to opt out. The parameters used by DONE look at the people who turn out to vote as a very important factor along with CIS that are filed. The councilmember does not respond to the NCs’ CIS or requests for input. Jerry stated that PPCC would be surrendering its autonomy because of the Brown Act. (4) David Kaplan asked Thomas what DONE can do for PPCC that we don’t already have other than the $37,000. Thomas stated partnerships with the Mayor and City Departments. (5) Richard Cohen noted that illuminated advertising on street furniture all over WLA but not in the Palisades Village. The City wanted that furniture placed here and so did our councilmember. Palisades and Brentwood, two places with community councils, fought the City Council and Rosendahl and prevailed by hiring lawyers and arguing the specific plan and need for CEQA review. (7) Howard Robinson asked if there could be two NCs in one geography. Thomas said no. Howard asked how a NC would disband. Thomas said the NC could become decertified but that there is a process to do that. Howard asked if a geography has a NC if a CC can be formed. Thomas stated yes. (8) Gil Dembo asked residents who are seeking to form a NC to come to the PPCC and express their concerns or why they feel additional representation is needed and suggested that the topic is premature. (9) Donna Vaccarino stated that it is a good thing for a community to discuss how it would like to be organized and supported the idea of PPCC forming a subcommittee. (11) Paul Glasgall thanked Westwood leaders for coming and giving their experiences in having dual organizations and encouraged the PPCC to not ignore their advice to remain as a community council. (12) Laura Mack asked Thomas to address the negative comments that guest speakers raised earlier. Thomas asked Jay Handal (President of West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council) to speak. Jay Handal stated that every council should have representation and whether it is a NC or CC is really an individual preference of each neighborhood. If the process is taken through by organizers Jay believes a NC will be certified because of the overall plan for the City of Los Angeles to have NCs in each areas. NC board members are supposed to support all interests. Jay stated that the NC process sometimes seems overburdening (liability, risk management, Brown Act, etc.) but the positive is access to the City attorney, planning, etc. NCs cannot sue and NCs cannot appeal but community councils do not often sue as a practical matter. Brentwood has talked about having a NC in addition to their CC for the past year. Jay suggested fact-finding and for the Palisades to have an open and honest dialogue. (13) Barbara Kohn reminded the board that PPCC was the model for the NC system and that these discussions have taken place for a long period of time. Previously board members were required to file financial disclosures to sit on a NC and NCs have conflict of interest rules that PPCC has previously been unwilling to adopt. (14) Ted Weitz stated that residents do not feel there is an elected body that represents their interests. Ted has heard there is a lack of respect and lack of interest in the council. People feel that an elected body will give them their voice rather than appointed persons and officers who elect themselves. (15) Rick Mills stated that whether there is a NC or CC the group should represent the broadest cross section of the Palisades and PPCC can certainly improve its outreach and run its meetings to be fair and open. (16) Michael Soneff suggested that there be a point person to advocate for a NC. (17) Jennifer Malaret encouraged people who have questions or are dissatisfied with election procedures or any provision with the bylaws to please email (18) Chris Spitz, PPCC President, stated that PPCC already receives official “early notifications” from the City regarding land use matters, has a good relationship with City, County and State agencies and officials, and receives prompt responses and attention from CD11, Planning Dept. officials, the City Attorney and other public officials.

11.    General Public Comment – None.

12.    Adjournment.  Chris Spitz adjourned the meeting at 9:03 PM.



The newly formed Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance (NCSA) — which connects and engages NC stakeholders on citywide sustainability and resilience issues — invites all to attend the NCSA’s inaugural event, a sustainable water forum. The event will be held Saturday, February 21, from 2:00 – 4:30pm, at the TreePeople Conference Center in Beverly Hills.
On Feb. 4, 2015, L.A. County was among 55 counties in California to be designated as a natural disaster area due to drought impacts.
Come learn about water and landscaping strategies that protect precious natural resources and habitat while saving money, and related advocacy and outreach opportunities for Neighborhood Councils.
Confirmed speakers include the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, TreePeople, and the Mar Vista Community Council Green Committee. LADWP will also be on hand to share information about the California-Friendly Landscaping Incentive Program, rainbarrel rebates, and other resources.
Arrive early to enjoy the hiking trails and beautiful park surrounding TreePeople’s site, or just enjoy refreshments with us! Children ages 5 and up are also welcome to come, and will be treated to their own activity, courtesy of TreePeople. Reservations are required. To learn more and RSVP, please visit:


The Bylaws Committee moves that the changes denoted in bold face type be made to PPCC’s existing Bylaws, Article V.1.A and V.1.C.

V.1.A. The Board. There shall be only 23 voting members of the Board consisting of the Chair Emeritus (immediate past Chair), nine Elected Representatives, the four officers specified in Sec. 2 of this Article and a representative from each of the nine Organizations Eligible to Send Representatives as specified in Appendix A (“Organizational Representative”). If a past Chair is unable or unwilling to serve as Chair Emeritus, this position shall be filled by the most recent past Chair willing to serve. However, a first Alternate Elected or Organizational Representative shall serve as the voting member [] of the Board at any Board meeting where his or her corresponding voting member is not present.
V.1.C. The Legal Advisor and any Special or Youth Advisors shall be nonvoting advisors of the Board, provided, however, that if any voting member of the Board is appointed as a Legal Advisor, that member shall retain the right to vote.


In the early morning of January 29th Pacific Palisades conducted its first ever Homeless Count as part of the LAHSA county-wide effort to quantify the number of homeless living in Los Angeles.
Our Count went very well. Kim Clary and Brian Deming who are the Heads of our Task Force subcommittee on the Count, with the help of David Morena, had organized the morning flawlessly, with maps and marked tracts organized by number and locale.
Nearly 100 volunteers filed in beginning at 4:45 to either help with registration or to walk the Count. At 5:30 Stephanie Inyama from LAHSA arrived for a 1 hour training. Our groups deployed around 6:30, with 12 teams of 4.
We had one section that we designated for LAPD and Lead Officer Michael Moore, because we knew it was dense with homeless encampments and tough to trek. None of our groups were met with resistance although one homeless gentleman seemed to know that the count was on and he was being counted. Apparently he hollered out, “count me!”
Councilman Mike Bonin stopped by to support our volunteers and former Palisadian Norman Kulla from his office walked the count for Pac Palisades. 4 members of Assemblyman Bloom’s office along with Stephanie Cohen also joined our ranks. And Janet Turner from Congressman Ted Lieu’s office volunteered as well. In the end we tallied at least 70 homeless people and approximately 74 encampments, including make shift shelters and one van.
Our thanks to David Morena, who mapped out the LAHSA tract maps into street views, divided the large tracts into smaller ones and divvied volunteers into teams that were well equipped to scour familiar areas of the Palisades. Thanks also to the 70 plus community members who volunteered for the Pacific Palisades count.
We’d like to publicly thank Officer Moore from the LAPD for his unyielding support to this community, ACS Security and Palisades Patrol who lent their resources to us on the morning of the count, Palisades Charter High School for allowing us to set up our base at Mercer Hall, Kristen and Doug McCormick who organized the entire registration process, Sharon Kilbride and Helga Jenson who secured donations of food for the volunteers from Vons, Noah’s, Starbucks, Ralphs and Caffeinated Club Soda.
Our thanks also to Councilman Mike Bonin and Assemblyman Richard Bloom for their support of this task force, and the volunteers from their office who counted with our community on January 29th.
Now the work of the task force begins in earnest, to find services and solutions to transition people into housing, to the extent possible.
The next phase of our work is to engage in a survey of the homeless that we have counted, which will be overseen by LAHSA. This will be a demographic survey conducted by the West Side Homeless Coalition (WSHC) and Department of Mental Health (DMH). This portion has a target completion date for the end of February. The 2nd part of the surveying consists of a more comprehensive ‘assessment’ period, which will continue through the spring. During the assessment, those volunteers from Pacific Palisades who choose to get involved through the task force and have been trained by the WSHC, will begin to form a dialogue with some of the homeless to determine which are willing to accept services to transition out of homelessness, and what services are available for them. Our task force subcommittee for Outreach, headed by Courtney Graff, is actively looking for community volunteers who would like to take part and be trained by WSHC. The Outreach sub-committee is also exploring whether there are Palisadians with expertise in the fields of mental health, law, and job training who would be willing to volunteer some of their time to work with the homeless.
On other fronts, the task force is working on unearthing some of the strategies and practices that have worked for other locales in addressing and alleviating their homeless problems, and which have not. The sub-committee dedicated to ascertaining what practices could be best followed here in Pacific Palisades is headed by Doug McCormick, and has already begun to introduce the task force to some helpful findings. We also have a sub-committee dedicated to law enforcement suggesting ways where LAPD and LAFD can help us secure high fire hazard zones in the Palisades that have multiple make-shift encampments. Our objective there is to make sure the make-shift shelters that crop up around Palisades are kept safe and do not pose a fire or other safety hazard to the community. Lead Officer Michael Moore has been a great help to the task force through this subcommittee, headed by Palisadian Bruce Schwartz.
Please visit us on Facebook ( or on our PPCC website tab (, or email us at and give us your thoughts and ideas. We are looking for full community engagement and hope to partner with all of you to make this task force a success.
Pacific Palisades Homeless Count, January 29, 2015
Summary of Results

Team   Tract Area   Time Out   Time In   Homeless Persons   Homeless Shelters
1 Palisades Highlands 6:50 9:00 0 1
2A Village North of Sunset between Temescal and Chatauqua 6:45 8:45 3 0
2B North of Sunset: Chatauqua to Will Rogers 6:45 8:45 0 8
3A PCH, lower Castellammare between Sunset and Coastline and Los Liones 6:45 9:35 14 13
3B Upper Castellammare and Paseo Miramar 6:45 8:45 0 0
3C North of Sunset: Marquez, Palisades Dr to Bienveneda 6:45 8:40 3 2
3D North of Sunset: Beinveneda to Will Rogers 6:40 ~8:40 1 1
4A South of Sunset from PCH and Sunset to Las Pulgas Canyon 6:45 8:40 3 5 4B South of Sunset from PCH and Las Pulgas Canyon to Temescal Canyon 6:45 9:00 11 2
5 South of Sunset to PCH between Temescal Canyon and Chatauqua 6:40 ~9:45 15 41
6A North of PCH between Chatauqua /Sunset and Entrada/Amalfi (approx) 6:45 9:10 20 1
6B North of PCH between Amalfi/Sunset and San Vicente (approximately) 6:45 ~9:00 0 0
TOTAL  70 Homeless Persons,  74 Shelters

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