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Voting Members in Attendance:  Maryam Zar, Allison Holdorff Polhill, George Wolfberg, Richard Cohen, Chris Spitz, Peter Culhane, David Kaplan, Sue Kohl, Rick Mills, Danielle Samulon, Richard Wulliger, Gil Dembo, David Card, Cathy Russell, Sarah Conner, Lou Kamer, Gilbert Dembo

Voting Alternates:  Richard Blumenberg, Sandy Eddy, Doug McCormick

Non-voting Advisors and Alternates:  David Peterson, Brenda Theveny

1.    Certification of Quorum.  Chair Maryam Zar called the meeting to order at 7:­­­04pm and certified that a quorum was present.

2.    Reading of Community Council’s Mission.  Sue Kohl read the Council’s Mission.

3.    Introduction of the Board and Audience.  The board and audience were introduced.

4.    Approval of Minutes & Upcoming Meetings.  1) Approval of Minutes – The minutes of February 22, 2018 were approved as corrected.  2) Upcoming Meetings – 3/22/18: Caruso update.

5.    Consideration of Agenda.  Chair announced that the agenda was as distributed.

6.    Treasurer’s Report.  Richard Cohen (Treasurer) reported that our bank balance is $40,899.98 and that there was a transaction in the amount of $525 for Directors & Officers Insurance since the last meeting. Richard Cohen discussed the $1M liability limit for our insurance policy. Maryam Zar asked whether members should contribute to PPCC to replenish monies. Richard acknowledged that we do have more than $40,000 in our account as a cushion, but donations from members would help cover ongoing expenses such as insurance so that we don’t have to use these funds.

7.    General Public Comment on local issues.

7.1.    Marge Gold reported that the Village Green is being “yarn bombed” on March 22, 2018 through April 1, 2018.

8.    Reports, Announcements and Concerns.

8.1.    From the Chair.

8.1.1.     Community Safety Meeting update.  A successful meeting was held on Tuesday March 6, 2018 at Palisades High School, Mercer Hall. About 200 people were present and all seats were filled. Mike Bonin opened the meeting with a recap of council district issues and accomplishments, as well as a thanks to Maryam Zar and PPCC for arranging this important forum for community discussion of safety issues. He made clear he opposed the lifting of the beach curfew and would work in tandem with the community to keep it in place. The event hosted a robust panel, including representatives from LAPD, Palisades Patrol, ACS, West Traffic officers, LAFD, Beach Patrol, City Dept. of Emergency Management, Beaches & Harbors, PPTFH, LAUSD PPCC Homelessness Advisor Sharon Kilbride and Pali High. Allison Holdorff Pohlhill reported on a School Board resolution calling for sensible gun laws on the state and federal level. Chair thanked all participants for the important information that was imparted. Chris Spitz thanked Chair Maryam Zar for her efforts in putting together this meeting.

8.1.2.    LUC and Eldercare comments and clarification.  Chair explained the upcoming process in which the LUC will review the project again from a coastal lens and will decide whether to make a revised recommendation to the board. If a decision is reached to make a new recommendation it will be placed on the agenda for the April 12, 2018 board meeting.

8.1.3.    Beach Access Restriction from midnight to 5 am update.  The California Coastal Commission is a commission of the State. The City of LA has regulation over local beaches. The County is involved because they have a contract to operate the beach, literally the sand. Advocacy should be focused towards the Coastal Commission.

8.1.4.    (Add-on topic) Pursuant to the motion passed at the February 22nd meeting, a letter has been sent to Mike Bonin regarding street furniture.  It is on the PPCC website at

8.1.5.    (Add-on topic) Regarding cannabis regulation, after input from Brentwood CC and Mike Bonin, the City will be adding the VA as a sensitive use.

8.2.    From Officers – None.

8.3.    From At-Large and Area Reps.

8.3.1.    Lou Kamer reported that volunteers are needed to assist with 4th of July parade preparations.  Matthew Rodman is the new PAPA president.  The Chair thanked past PAPA president Daphne Gronich, who was in the audience, for her service.

8.4.    From Organizational Reps.

8.4.1.    David Card (American Legion) reported that the American Legion Oratorical contest is underway.  Josh Doland and Daniella Wilson won at the local level and competed at the district level. The US Constitution was the topic – the right to be free from having soldiers enter your home. Two girls are able to go to the state tournament and two dozen boys are able to attend the state competition. In addition: the little fire near the top of Bienveneda recently was likely a “warming fire” starting by young person or homeless person messing around. March 31, 2018 will be the Rustic Canyon Spring Fair.

8.4.2.    Richard Blumenberg (Chamber of Commerce; reporting in the absence of Rick Lemmo and Susan Payne).  March 14, 2018 at 5:30 pm will be the ribbon cutting for Kay n Dave’s. On April 21st there will be a Healthy Kids Fair at Simon Meadow at Temescal Canyon and Sunset Blvd.

8.4.3.    Maryam Zar (AYSO; reporting in the absence of Janet Anderson).  Janet attended the recent meeting about the VA and said they are building 140 new housing units, and will break ground on McArthur field in 2019 for planned female homeless veteran housing. A contractor has been awarded, though a service provider has not. A Safe Parking LA pilot program is also underway for designated West LA VA parking lots. Private money has been offered, and CM Bonin has also offered to help fund the program. They are also working on the Purple line.

8.5.    From Government Offices/Representatives.

8.5.1.    LAPD SLO, Michael Moore – Not present.

8.5.2.    Office of Councilmember Mike Bonin, CD 11 Field Deputy, Lisa Cahill.

Lisa reported:  Bonin wrote an Op Ed about homelessness. Potrero Canyon plans are virtually finished. Urban Forestry issues: there is a master plan and Cahill is integrating plans with the Palisades park planting. Quimby Funds that were taken from the Palisades and Rustic Canyon Parks and diverted to the Venice Pier will be restored. Gil Dembo asked for the PPCC to remain informed about this. Sue Pascoe was thanked for writing the article that held the City responsible for diverting funds. David Card invited Lisa Cahill to visit Palisades Beautiful meetings. Lou Kamer has been working with Palisades Beautiful to re-plant trees. Palisades Beautiful is revising its tree list and plants trees. Urban Forestry’s tree list is also being revised. Tree People also has a list of trees.

8.5.3.    Office of County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, Stephanie Cohen, District Director.

Stephanie reported:  Environment – storm water infrastructure and capture should be in front of the County Board of Supervisors by next Spring. Open Space – Measure A – 17 acres of mountain range were purchased. County 69 Bravo was purchased in the Topanga area to facilitate first responder assembly and coordination during emergencies. Cannabis is illegal in all unincorporated areas. Working on cannabis regulation. LGBT/Youth in the Foster Care system bill was passed. Measure H passed last year, funds have just been collected from July 2017 to the present. House LA – CD11 & CD5, incentives to participate in Section 8 development. There is money available to improve properties. Stephanie is in the process of hiring a new field deputy.

8.5.4.   Office of Congressman Ted Lieu, Janet Turner – Not present.

8.5.5.   Department of Water and Power Community Affairs, Deborah Hong – introduction.

Ms. Hong is the Westside territory representative.  She noted that DWP is very large. No planned construction is planned at this time. For routine maintenance, please contact Ms. Hong. DWP will notify neighborhoods for street closures for planned construction; however, routine maintenance is not noticed in advance. Gilbert Dembo stated he does not want to see more temporary pole tops. Lou Kamer stated that 12 Pali High students want to do an art project on the bottom of the pole top at Pali High. Richard Cohen noted that PPCC has taken no position on this art project proposal.

8.6.    From PPCC Advisors – None.

9.    Reports from Committees – None.

10.    Old Business – None.

11.    New Business.

11.1.    Scott Sale, Safe Parking LA.

Safe Parking LA is an independent 501(c)(3).  The Green Street program makes it possible for homeless living in their cars not to be ticketed in certain designated areas. Safe Parking takes a humane approach in addressing homeless people living in their cars. Safe Parking uses parking lots for overnight parking and keeps the parking lot safe for patrons. Safe Parking provides a security guard; sanitation (locked portable); and case management. Safe Parking has been very successful in the Cities of Santa Barbara and San Diego with no incidents. Safe Parking is interested in church and commercial parking lots.

11.2.    Patrick Frank, Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight – Not present; deferred.

12.    Adjournment.  Chair adjourned the meeting at 9:00pm.

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