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Voting Members in Attendance:  George Wolfberg, David Card, Richard G. Cohen, Chris Spitz, Joanna Spak, Sue Kohl, David Kaplan, Steve Boyers, Rick Mills, Alan Goldsmith, Duke Ostendorf, Brenda Theveny, Jean Sharp

Voting Alternates:  Barbara Marinacci, Barbara Kohn, John Padden

Non-voting Advisors and Alternates:  Zennon Ulyate-Crow, Cathi Ruddy, Jan Ostendorf

1.   Certification of Quorum.  The Chair George Wolfberg called the meeting to order at 6:00pm and certified that a quorum was present.

2.    Reading of Community Council’s Mission.  David Card read the Council’s Mission.

3.    Introduction of the Board and Audience.  The board and audience were introduced.

4.    Approval of Minutes & Upcoming Meetings.1) Approval of Minutes – the minutes of 6/27/19 were deemed approved.  2) Upcoming Meetings– August 22, 2019: (1) Guest speaker Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin – to be postponed (date TBA). (2) Gladstones Redevelopment Project briefing – postponed to October 10, 2019; 3) Three Chairs Committee presentation of nominee and possible Board election of 2nd Alternate At-large Representative. (One meeting only in the months of July and August.) September 12, 2019: Palisades Street Tree Committee presentation on a proposed street tree policy for the Palisades.  September 26, 2019: (1) Guest speaker:  Los Angeles Board of Public Works President Kevin James; (2) new information about recycling from the Bureau of Sanitation.  Additional topics to be announced.

5.    Consideration of Agenda.  The Chair announced that the agenda is as distributed, except item 10.1 is continued to August 22 due to the applicant’s unavailability on 7/25.  See Item 10.1 below.

6.    Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer Richard G. Cohen reported that the Council’s bank balance is $40,212.66. Since the last report a $500 deposit for the LUC’s use of the community room was returned by Palisades Village.  The Treasurer also gave his annual Treasurer’s Report (June 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019), as required by the bylaws. He cautioned that recently, PPCC’s funding comes almost entirely from the Awards event revenues, which are not guaranteed in any given year and may not cover the Council’s annual operating expenses.  See attached Annual Report.

7.    General Public Comment.

7.1.    Max Burger (resident/youth) explained he is an avid skateboarder as are others in the Palisades; he wishes to propose a dedicated permanent skatepark here. He has brought this up to the Park Advisory Board.  Suggested locations are Temescal Canyon, the park or the YMCA lot at Temescal Canyon.  He is open to other suggestions. Barbara Kohn (PPRA alternate) explained the history of efforts to establish a skatepark in the Palisades and indicated that nearby residents have concerns with some proposed locations.  At the request of David Kaplan (Area 6 Representative) the Board will discuss this on August 22.

7.2.    Phillis Dudick (Friends of the Parry House). On July 18, the City of LA Cultural Heritage Commission voted to recommend the Parry House (1929 Monterrey-style home at 14929 Camarosa Dr.) for Cultural Monument status.  The City Council PLUM committee will hear this next and then it will go to City Council.  She thanks everyone for their support.  The designation will include the entire property, including an old Deodar Cedar tree. The owners would notbe  allowed to demolish the house but there is flexibility on what they can do with the interior.  They can also apply under the Mills Act.  A sign-up sheet was sent around for those who wish to be in touch with organizers who support the historic designation.  [Contact for information on how to submit a letter of support.]

7.3.    Nahmi Natan (Chair, Palisades Park Youth Board). The Park Youth Board is hosting a Park Beautification Day in August. He will send further details.

8.    Reports, Announcements and Concerns.

8.1.   From the Chair.

8.1.1.    New earlier PPCC meeting start & closing times: 6pm-7:50pm.  All attendees must exit the meeting room before 8pm(library close), per new Citywide library policy. Thanks to all attendees for your cooperation.

8.1.2.    Changes in Alternate At-large Representatives (1st and 2nd positions).  Applications for now-vacant 2nd Alternate position accepted until 5pm on August 18; re-appointment of Three Chairs Committee to select nominee. The Three Chairs Committee members are Maryam Zar (committee chair), Chris Spitz and Richard Cohen (per PPCC Bylaws). Mary Mueller is now 1st alternate At=large representative.  See Alternate At-Large Representative Notice.

8.1.3.    Committee and Advisor appointments (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020).  The Chair announced the appointment of committees and advisors. The officers and Chair Emeritus have appointed Area 1 Representative Joanna Spak as the elected representative member and John Padden is the organizational member of the Executive Committee (per PPCC Bylaws).  See attached list of PPCC Committees & Advisors. 

8.1.4.    Board approval of Legal and Youth Advisors.  The Board approved the re-appointment of Legal Advisor Rob Weber and Youth Advisors Eli Safaie-Kia, Sharla Steinman and Zennon Ulyate-Crow.

8.1.5.    Volunteers sought for position of Emergency Preparedness Officer, per Mayor’s request.  Cathi Ruddy (PP Woman’s Club) may take on this volunteer position; TBD.

8.2.    From Officers.

8.2.1.    Chris Spitz (Secretary) congratulated Richard Cohen (Treasurer) who has received the honor of being awarded UCLA 2019 Distinguished Alumni Mentor, one of only three alumni to receive this honor by the university.  As one of his student mentees explained: “Richard is one of the most responsive people I have known.  In a word, Richard is the best mentor I could ask for.”  Kudos to Richard for this well-deserved honor.

8.3.    From At-Large and Area Representatives – None.

8.4.    From Organizational Representatives.

8.4.1.    Jean Sharp (Optimists Club) extends an invitation for to all to join the Optimists Club.  The Club meets every Tuesday morning 7-7:30am for breakfast at the Presbyterian Church.

8.5.    From Government Offices / Representatives.

8.5.1.    In the absence of Lisa Cahill (CD11 Palisades Deputy), the Chair announced that Ms. Cahill has prepared a written report with an update on some of the questions directed to Councilmember Bonin at our June 27th meeting.  See July 24 Cahill Report.

8.5.1.    Janet Turner (District Representative, U.S. Representative Ted Lieu) reported on various matters.  The Congressman has condemned anti-Semitic graffiti found in Santa Monica recently.  He was happy that a $100M grant was approved for the extension of the Purple Line.  The House has passed bill to stop illegal robo-calls; the Senate passed a similar bill.  Ms. Turner distributed a handout with more information.

8.6.    From PPCC Advisors.

8.6.1.    Zennon Ulyate-Crow (Youth) announced that classes resume at Pali High on August 14.

9.    Reports from Committees.

9.1.    Palisades Street Tree Committee (PSTC; David Card, Chair).  The PSTC Chair reported that the members have been meeting every two weeks and are closing in on the final draft of a Mission Statement and proposed Street Tree Policy. The members voted to use as a template the street tree criteria in the Santa Monica Urban Forest Plan.  The next meeting is on Monday morning, 7/29, 9:30am at the Rustic Canyon Recreation Center, in the Jewelry Room.  Randy Young is the guest speaker.  The PSTC wishes to preserve historic trees.

10.   Old Business.

10.1.    Consideration of mixed-use project proposed for 17346 Sunset Blvd. (old Jack-in-the- Box/JIB site).  Motion by Richard Cohen, Reza Akef and Chris Spitz. Item postponed to August 22, 2019, due to the applicant’s unavailability on 7/25; the City Planning Dept. has advised PPCC that no hearings on the requested Coastal Development Permit are anticipated prior to August 22.

11.   New Business.

11.1.    LAX Landside Access Modernization Plan (LAMP) Update.  Presentation by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) representatives.  Q&A as time allows.

Speakers: Stephanie Sampson, Director of Communications, LAMP, LAWA and Anna Kozma, Senior Community Liaison, LINXS.  Ms. Sampson and Ms. Kozma presented a Power Point about the LAMP program.  They gave an overview of the airport right now.  The new program features include a new automated people mover (APM; expected to be completed by 2023); a consolidated rent-a-car facility (also expected to open in 2023); an “intermodal transportation facility” (ITF West – a parking structure); connection to Metro light rail; APM maintenance & storage facility; and roadway improvements. They described each of the facilities. Together, the new features will offer time-certain transportation options to and from LAX and relieve traffic in and out of the airport.  The first component to break ground (the ITF West parking structure) is expected to be completed in 2021.  Total build out is about 5 years.  We should expect traffic delays during the construction period, which are unavoidable. Q&A ensued during the presentation, covering a wide variety of topics.  The Board thanked the representatives for the presentation.  See LAWA “LAMP” Power Point.

l12.   Adjournment.  The Chair adjourned the meeting at 7:10pm.


ATTACHMENT – Item 8.1.3:

PPCC Committees and Advisors – July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020

Standing Committee: 

Executive Committee

George Wolfberg, PPCC Chair (Committee Chair)[1]
David Card, PPCC Vice-Chair
Richard F. Cohen, PPCC Treasurer
Chris Spitz, PPCC Secretary
Maryam Zar, PPCC Chair Emeritus
Joanna Spak, Area 1 Representative
John Padden, PRIDE Representative

 Required Committee:

Three Chairs Committee

Maryam Zar, PPCC Chair Emeritus (Committee Chair)
Richard G. Cohen, PPCC Treasurer & past Chair
Chris Spitz, PPCC Secretary & past Chair

Other Ad Hoc Committees: 

Bylaws Committee

Richard F. Cohen, PPCC Treasurer (Committee Chair)
David Card, PPCC Vice-Chair
David Kaplan, Area 6 Representative
Chris Spitz, PPCC Secretary
Andrew Wolfberg, Area 8 1st Alternate

Land Use Committee

Membership pending/to be appointed

Meeting Room Management Committee

Sue Kohl, Area 5 Representative
Duke Ostendorf, YMCA Representative
Miriam Schulman, Wildfire Safety Advisor
Joanna Spak, Area 1 Representative
Chris Spitz, PPCC Secretary
PPCC Youth Advisors (as available)

Organization Notification Committee

Chris Spitz, PPCC Secretary (Committee Chair)
David Card, PPCC Vice-Chair
Sue Kohl, Area 5 Representative

Palisades Street Tree Committee

David Card, PPCC Vice-Chair, landscape designer (Committee Chair)
Jo Ann Bright, Garden Club
Bill Bruns, Friends of the Library
Kelly Comras, Area 1 2nd Alternate, landscape architect/FASLA
Libby Motika, journalist, Master Gardener*
Jan Ostendorf, Area 4 2nd Alternate, PPRA
Michael G. Terry, Palisades Beautiful, landscape designer
Lisa Cahill, CD11 Palisades Deputy (advisor/nonvoting)
Mary Schultz, Garden Club (participant/nonvoting)
Cindy Kirven, Garden Club (participant/nonvoting)*
Lisa Voronina, interested resident(participant/nonvoting)

[*Note:  Since the meeting, Libby Motika has resigned from the Committee and Cindy Kirven has been appointed a voting member in Ms. Motika’s place]


Legal: Rob Weber (subject to board approval)

Youth: Eli Safaie-Kia, Sharla Steinman, Zennon Ulyate-Crow (subject to board approval)

Education:  Allison Holdorff Polhill

Homelessness:  Sharon Kilbride

Transportation:  Patti Post

Wildfire Safety:  Miriam Schulman

[1]  The PPCC Chair is a voting member of the Executive Committee but on all other committees is an ex officio/ nonvoting member(except for the Nominating Committee required for officer elections, on which the Chair is prohibited from participating).  The Chair appoints all committees and advisors other than the E.C.; the officers & Chair Emeritus are automatic members of the E.C. and elect the remaining two members (an elected representative or alternate and an organizational representative or alternate).


PPCC Treasurer’s Report June 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019
Balance 6/1/2018 37,700
Balance 5/31/2019 40,902
Increase in Funds 3,202
Regular Contributions 22
Rent 1,472
Insurance 1,575
Mailchimp / Data / Misc 2,300
Chamber Event Tickets 512
P.O. Box Rental 140
Total Operating Expenses 5,999
Operating Loss -5,977
Dinner & Tribute Revenue 21,662
Event Costs 12,483
Event Profit 9,179
Increase in Funds 3,202
Total Increase since June 1, 2018 3,202

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