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Voting Members in Attendance:  David Card, David Kaplan, Chris Spitz, Joanna Spak, Steve Cron, Karen Ridgley, Haldis Toppel, Sue Kohl, Jenny Li, Matthew Quiat, Reza Akef, John Padden, Brenda Theveny, Fay Vahdani, Andy Frew, Kevin Niles, Cliff Roberts, Janet Anderson

Voting Alternates:  Mary Mueller, Jessica Rogers, Barbara Kohn

Non-voting Advisors and Alternates:  Allison Polhill, Jack Coleman, Greg Heidt, Cathy Russell, Cindy Kirven, Melanie Bouer, Nancy Niles, Michael Edlen, Nina Kidd

1.    Call to order and reading of Mission Statement.  The Chair David Card called the meeting to order at 5:59 pm.  The Chair read the Mission Statement.

2.    Introduction of Zoom engineer.  Zoom engineer Alex Ponting was introduced.

3.    Roll call of voting members and certification of quorum.  The Chair called the roll of voting members and certified that there was a quorum.

4.    Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of September 23, 2021 were approved.  Upcoming meetings: October 28, 2021: (tentative) LUC report on zoning in the Palisades; proposed mural at Theatre Palisades; PPCC Palisades Forestry Committee (PFC) update.  November 18, 2021 (no meeting on November 11/Veterans Day):  announcement of PPCC Citizen of the Year and Golden Sparkplug honorees; guest speaker, LAPD Capt. Jonathan Tom.  December 9, 2021:  PPCC Awards presentation.

5.    Consideration of Agenda.  Agenda items may be taken out of order at the discretion of the Chair.

6.    Treasurer’s Report.  The Chair explained that the Treasurer Richard G. Cohen is visiting his family on the East Coast.  In the Treasurer’s absence the Chair reported that PPCC’s balance is $63,207.07. There were no significant transactions since the last report.  As the Treasurer will be traveling on October 28, his next report will be deferred to the November 18th meeting.

7.    General Public Comment – None.

8.    Reports, Announcements and Concerns.

8.1.    From the Chair/Presiding Officer.

8.1.1.    Beginning of fiscal year; welcome incoming organization members and representatives (terms beginning October 1, 2021).  See list of new organization representatives (standing and rotating organizations): rotating organization members (primary/alternate):  Culture & Aesthetics:  Theatre Palisades/Friends of the Library; Education: Paul Revere Charter Middle School/St. Matthew’s Parish School; Recreation: AYSO/PPBA; Civic Organizations: PRIDE/Civic League; Service Clubs: American Legion/Optimist Club.

The Chair welcomed and introduced all new and returning organizational representatives who began their terms on October 1.  He read all the names and also reported that Don Scott has been appointed to replace Naidu Permaul as the Optimist Club’s representative.

8.1.2.    Orientation session for new organization representatives, 10/5 – update.  The Chair noted that the session was held and went well.

8.1.3.    PPCC 2021 Citizen of the Year and Golden Sparkplug Awards. Awards Selection Committee members announced.  Nominations now being accepted; submission deadline:  October 31, 9pm.  See press release:

The Chair explained that this year, he has combined the Awards Selection and Awards Event Committees into one “Awards Committee,” which will be responsible for both functions: selecting the honorees and managing the details of the Zoom event when the awards will be presented.  He explained that the Committee is required to have 5 members, including at least one prior Citizen of the Year and three Board members.  He announced the names of the Committee members:  Committee Chair Kevin Niles (2019 Citizen of the Year & PPCC American Legion Representative); David Kaplan (PPCC Vice-Chair); Sharon Kilbride (2015 Citizen of the Year); Sue Kohl (PPCC Area 5 Representative); and Mary Mueller (PPCC At-large 1st Alternate).  He encouraged the community to submit awards nominations and reminded everyone that the deadline to submit nominations is October 31, 2021 at 9pm.

8.1.4.    Comment letter re I-405 Sepulveda Pass express pay lanes proposal.  See letter:

The Chair noted that PPCC’s comment letter was submitted to Metro.

8.1.5.    City redistricting update; status of CD 11 draft map.  The Chair explained that so far, the Commission’s draft redistricting map has left our district, CD 11, mostly intact.

8.1.6.    Street closures in PPCC Area 4 for charity race, 10/16. See Street Barricades Map:   

The Chair explained that this Lutheran Church run-walk event will take place on Saturday October 16 and there will be street closures in Area 4.  The City has issued permits for the street closures, but unfortunately neither PPCC, the Area 4 Representative Karen Ridgley nor area residents were given notice of the permit application and they received no significant advance notice of the event or of the street closures.  Information about the closures has now been provided to area residents.  The Chair reminded everyone that PPCC needs to receive a heads up if anyone wants to close roads in the Palisades.

8.1.7.    [NEW] LAFD Capt. Tommy Kitahata of Station 69 has been named the LAFD 2020 Firefighter of the Year. The Chair explained that we have just learned of this honor via an LAFD Facebook post. He congratulated Capt. Kitahata, noted that the honor was well-deserved and thanked the Captain for his outstanding service to the community.

8.1.8.    [NEW] Recreation & Parks Dept. (RAP) Maintenance Task Force Meeting update.  The Chair attended the last Task Force meeting, at which the potential dog park for the Palisades was discussed.  Impediments to the dog park’s progress mainly involve funding. The Chair and Lynn Hylen (Pacific Palisades Park Advisory Board member and dog park advocate) attended the meeting and spoke about the need for the dog park.

8.2.    From Officers.

8.2.1.    Secretary Chris Spitz.  Reminders & updates (WRAC, legislation, other matters).  See E.C. Statement re SB 9 & 10:

Regarding the anti-camping ordinance: Several WRAC member councils have been passing motions to support the resolution proposed by Councilmember Buscaino which PPCC passed at our last meeting, to prohibit camping in the right of way near all public schools.  Once a majority passes the motion, it will become an adopted WRAC position.  Regarding SB 9 and 10:  The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has sued the State of California over SB 10, claiming that one of its provisions is unconstitutional; this is something that we recognized early on and have pointed out in our position letters.  We’ll monitor that lawsuit.   As for SB 9, which goes into effect on January 1, the Chair, Joanna Spak and the Secretary are working with members of Brentwood Community Council and Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council to investigate whether local regulations or other measures may be enacted to better protect areas in the VHFHSZ.  Stay tuned for more information about these efforts.  Lastly, the Secretary reminded everyone that the agendas are sent out on the Friday before each meeting. This gives everyone time to go back to their boards or constituents to ascertain their position on any action items. The bylaws require members to be familiar with all items on the agenda.  In order to do that, members are encouraged to click on the agenda link which is included in the Mailchimp messages. Contact the Chair before the meeting with any questions about agenda items. The Chair also noted that the agenda is posted on the website prior to each meeting.

8.3.    From Area and At-large Representatives.

8.3.1.    Steve Cron (Area 2 Representative) thanked CD 11 Palisades Deputy Noah Fleishman for his work in obtaining removal of the digital speedometer on Palisades Dr.

8.3.2.    Jenny Li (Area 7 Representative) has learned that Patrick’s Road House has applied for a full liquor license. There was a public hearing on October 5 that she was previously unaware of.  She assumes the restaurant will receive the license.  Neighbors have now told her that they are concerned about loud music at the venue. She contacted the Planning assistant but hasn’t heard back. The noise issue may have to be dealt with in the future.

8.4.     From Organizational Representatives.

8.4.1.    Barbara Kohn (PP Historical Society Alternate).  The Historical Society supports placement of a “Molly Mural” at Theatre Palisades and has asked for a presentation about this matter to be placed on the PPCC agenda.  Andy Frew (Theatre Palisades Representative) reported that Theatre Palisades also supports the mural and its President Phil Bartholf wishes to present at an upcoming PPCC meeting.  The Chair stated that this item will be agendized for the October 28th Board meeting.

8.5.    From Government Offices / RepresentativesNone (postponed). Contact information available at:

8.6.    From PPCC Advisors – None (postponed).

9.    Reports from Committees.

9.1.    Executive Committee.

(A)  Support WRAC-recommended motion (request for CMs to cooperate with member councils re designation of sites under LAMC Sec. 41.18).  See attachment for motion text and background.

The Secretary introduced the motion on behalf of the Executive Committee.  No second was necessary since the motion was brought by more than one voting board member.  The Chair read and briefly explained the motion as set forth in the attachment below.  She noted that PPCC has still not received a response from Councilmember Bonin to our letter requesting that he submit a resolution to designate sensitive sites in the Palisades for enforcement under the anti-camping ordinance.  There were no questions or comments.

The Chair asked if there was any opposition to the motion. No one expressed opposition.  The Chair declared that as a result, the motion had passed with unanimous support.

(B) Agree in spirit with WRAC-recommended motion (request for revision of proposed amendments to DONE Code of Conduct for NCs). See attachment for motion text and background.

The Secretary introduced the motion on behalf of the Executive Committee.  No second was necessary since the motion was brought by more than one voting board member.  The Chair read and briefly explained the motion as set forth in the attachment below.  She noted that this would be an expression of solidarity with our WRAC neighborhood council colleagues who are concerned about the fact the proposed Code of Conduct amendments would allow elected board members to be removed for alleged violations by the City agency that oversees them, without a hearing or any due process. The Chair explained that from time-to-time PPCC passes motions involving issues affecting our WRAC colleagues that don’t necessarily affect us, because they in turn will often support us on other matters that are important to the Palisades.  There were no questions or comments.

The Chair asked if there was any opposition to the motion.  No one expressed opposition.  The Chair declared that as a result, the motion had passed with unanimous support.

10.    Old Business None.

11.    New Business None.

12.    Adjournment.    The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 pm.

ATTACHMENTS:  Items 9.1(A) and (B)



See also 9/12/21 PPCC letter to CM Bonin:

Motion Text:

[Pacific Palisades Community Council (PPCC)] urges Councilmembers Bonin, Koretz, Raman and Ridley-Thomas (Councilmembers representing WRAC Member-Councils) to consult as soon as possible with their respective WRAC Member-Councils for input as to the designation of sites within their districts for enforcement pursuant to LAMC Sec. 41.18(c)(1)-(4) and 41.18(d), including:  1) schools, day care centers, public parks and public libraries, as defined in LAMC Sec. 105.01 (“sensitive uses”; 41.18(c)(1));  2) overpasses, underpasses, freeway ramps, tunnels, bridges, pedestrian bridges, subways, washes spreading grounds and active railways, when public health, safety or welfare is served by the prohibition (41.18(c)(2));  3) designated facilities opened after January 1, 2018 that provide shelter, safe sleeping or safe parking to homeless persons or that serve as homeless services navigation centers (41.18(c)(3));  4) any locations in public rights-of-way for which there is documentation of a “particular and ongoing threat to public health or safety” (41.18(c)(4)).  No enforcement actions shall be taken unless the individuals have been offered shelter and have refused the offer.

[PPCC]  further requests that 1) Councilmembers bring resolutions in Council pursuant to LAMC Sec. 41.18(c)(1)-(4) and 41.18(d) as soon as any sites meeting the requirements of such sub-sections are identified to them by their respective WRAC Member-Councils; and 2) the distance of the radius prohibition set forth in such resolutions shall be as requested by the relevant WRAC Member-Councils, consistent with the distance set forth in such sub-sections.


Background (WRAC-recommended motion and link to proposed amendments to DONE Code of Conduct):

Motion Text:

With respect to the motion recommended by the WRAC board regarding requested revision of proposed amendments to the DONE Code of Conduct for Neighborhood Councils, Pacific Palisades Community Council agrees in spirit with the motion and specifically agrees that Neighborhood Council members should be afforded due process and that DONE should not be granted sole discretion to immediately suspend a member based on an alleged violation of applicable rules.

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