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1.   Call to Order and Reading of Community Council’s Mission.  The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM and the PPCC mission was read by the president  See PPCC Bylaws:  

2.   Roll-call of Board members and Certification of Quorum.
The President certified that there was quorum.

Voting members present: Maryam Zar, Sue Kohl, Dave Card, Jenny Li, Murray Levy, Steve Cron, Nancy Niles, Karen Ridgley, Kimberly Bloom, Julie Silliman, Andrew Wolfberg, Mary Mueller, John Padden, Andy Frew, Kevin Niles, Genevieve Bostic, Ryan Craig.

Non-voting members present: Joanna Spak, Michael Edlen, Leeanne Sanderson, Cindi Young, James Alexakis.

3.   Introduction of attendees:
The President introduced Jackie Wiley from the California Department of Financial Protection & Innovation, Targeted Outreach Specialist, to speak about DFPI and trending scams. She explained that she had first heard Jackie speak at a forum convened by ASM Jacqui Irwin, and invited her to speak to PPCC with important information. Her presentation included the following information, and was accompanied by a presentation now linked here:

Millions of Californians are falling prey to frauds and scams (especially seniors).  it’s important more than ever to learn how to protect your personal and financial information. DFPI’s targeted outreach specialists seek to protect California consumers from unfair, deceptive, and abusive practices that have led to financially damaging millions of consumers. Her enduring advice was: be skeptical of emails looking for help and ALWAYS GO TO THE SOURCE! Do not open links and check emails to make sure the sender is who it proports to be.

Some topics covered will be:

  • Cyber/Internet Scams
  • Telephone Scams
  • ID Theft
  • Online Services and more…

4.   Approval of Minutes:  Draft February 8, 2024, minutes were approved as presented.

5.   Consideration of Agenda & Upcoming Meetings.
The President explained that the next meeting would be held on MARCH 7th, by zoom (virtual). We had planned a March 14th in-person (hybrid) meeting but the bridge project outreach team of Jacobs Engineering and Arellano Consulting would be hosting their first community meeting on the 14th of March (misadvised by the Council Office as to our meeting dates), and we do not wish to jeopardize that, so we have pushed our meeting up one week to March 7th.

6.   Treasurer’s Report. 
The Treasurer reported that our balance is $51,543.73 and very little activity since the last meeting.

7.   General Public Comment.  There was no general public comment. 

8.   Reports, Announcements and Concerns.

8.1.   From the Chair/Presiding Officer.

8.1.1.   The President updated the board that the community meet/greet with new CD11 District Dir., Juan Fregoso is planned for Thursday February 29th.

8.1.2.   The President reminded everyone that the LA Park Commission will meet in Pacific Palisades on March 21st at the Palisades Recreation Center and that she will be sending a letter of welcome, and community priorities, beforehand.

8.1.3.   The President updated the board that the Palisades Rec Center Sr. Park Director informs her that the retaining wall that had been cracked near the Field of Dreams has undergone some district repair and is almost fully repaired.

8.1.4.   The President reported that a mind boggling back and forth continues as some members of the community follow up regarding Will Rogers Beach undercount.

8.1.5.   The President suggested a possible DA candidates Forum with BCC after the primary election. The board seemed to like the idea.

8.1.6.   The President deferred to Karen Ridgley, Area 4 Rep, for a report on Saturday construction at Asilomar Bluff stabilization project.

8.1.7.   The President reviewed letters sent since last we met: and and

8.2.   From Officers and Chair Emeritus.

8.2.1.   Sue Kohl, Vice President – None.

8.2.2.   Jenny Li, Treasurer – See Treasurer’s Report, item 6.

8.2.3.   Beth Holden-Garland, Secretary – None.

8.2.4.   Dave Card, Chair Emeritus reported that PFC is now an incorporated nonprofit organization. He also reported on receiving 18 new trees for the Rustic Canyon Rec Center that were donated by Roberta Conroy and will be planted in the next few weeks. He reported that he would be bringing a motion to approve the purchase of new trees for the Palisades Recreation Center, to replace the Torrey Pines we purchased previously, which have unfortunately died.

8.3.   From At-Large and Area Representatives.

8.3.1.   Karen Ridgley, Area 4 rep, reported that drilling operations on Saturdays have been suspended for the Asilomar Stabilization Project. Unfortunately, other work continues, and noise is still quite loud. Karen has asked to delay Sat. morning starts to 10am, and for a suspension of machinery noise (beeps). She also reported on a bench donation that has been brought to her attention. The Foundation bench program on the part of City Parks has been suspended and they are looking for new ways/new places where she can donate a bench. Karen is looking for suggestions (PRIDE, Pali Rec Center Park…?)

8.4.   From Organizational Representatives.

8.4.1.   Genevieve Bostic, reported that the PP YMCA will be holding its first inaugural Spring Festival and Egg Hunt on Saturday March 30th. They are looking for sponsors. (see

8.4.2.   Ryan Craig, reported that Resilient Palisades will be holding their traditional annual Earth Day Even on the Village Green on Sunday April 14th. The President also pointed out that RP founder, Ingrid Steinberg is being recognized as Woman of the Year at the Palisades/Malibu Joint Chamber. We congratulated her.

8.5.   From Government Offices / Representatives (as available)

8.5.1.   Brian Espin, Senior Lead Officer (SLO), Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) – SLO Espin was not present but sent his report and promised a robust update at the next meeting.

8.5.2.   Michael Amster, CD11 Field Deputy, Pacific Palisades & Brentwood reported that the Councilwoman is working to reduce copper wire across the city with two motions to create a task force to address this theft as well as a rewards program to encourage reporting. He reported that the CM is working on a CC Motion to grant CCs the same priority time for speaking at City Hearings and Meetings (at the request of PPCC President). He also reported that the CM has a motion involving Measure HLA, which would require the DOT and DPW and LAFD to study the impact of Measure HLA on their operations.

Michael also reported that during the storm he elevated the road clearance near Will Rogers Park for City crews so that the Genesis tournament traffic will not overly adversely impact the Palisades. He also reported on a County survey for damage recovery: which he encouraged all to take.

He further reported that the Sunset Blvd. sink hole that has since been paved and remedied continues to cause problems for the roadway in front of the City parking lot, and will continue to be addressed by DWP and Bureau of Street Services.

He reminded everyone to attend the Potrero bridge project outreach meeting on the 14th and apologized for having provided erroneous information to Jacobs Engineering, which led them to set their first community meeting date for March 14th.

Michael invited everyone to join him and Juan Fregoso on the 29th of February for a meet and greet, as well as a tentative beach clean-up event at Will Rogers beach, Tower 15, on the 20th of April. Lastly, he said there will be a resource fair on March 17th (SM Blvd. and Corinth) at the LA Municipal Building, providing resources including tax preparation help.

8.5.3.   Allison Holdoff, LAUSD Dist. 4 board Member, Nick Melvoin, Senior Advisor was not present.

8.5.4.   Radmehr Nowroozi, SD 24, Field Representative, Palisades, Brentwood, Westwood and Westside was not present.

8.5.5.   Skylar Payab, AD 42, Field Deputy, Pacific Palisades & Brentwood was not present.

8.5.6.   Marian Ensley, West Area Field Deputy, Mayor Karen Bass was not present.

8.5.7.   Zac Gaidzik, Coastal and Westside Field Deputy, County Supervisor, Lindsey Horvath was not present.

8.6.   From PPCC Advisors and WRAC Representatives.
There were no reports from Advisors or Representatives.

9.   Reports from PPCC Committees and community groups.
There were no reports from Committees or community groups.

10.   Old Business:  None.

11.   New Business: None.

12.   Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM.

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