Potrero Canyon — Park Signage and Use Updates



4/11/24:  The new “passive park” signs have now been installed at the entrances to the Park; more of these signs may be printed and installed in other areas in the near future.

3/28/24:  Some of the signs designed by the Wolfberg family, as described below (“Meet George”), have now been installed on Park entrance kiosks.  Additional “passive park” signs are still being fabricated by RAP and hopefully will be installed soon.

3/8/24:   As of the end of February, the revised “Park rules” signs (described below) have been installed.  We are still awaiting installation of the additional signs designed by the Wolfberg family (also described below).

9/14/23:  We are working with RAP staff to facilitate further revision of the “Park rules” signs to incorporate PPCC’s requested revisions.  We are also working with staff on installation of additional community approved signs, designed by the Wolfberg family and requested by PPCC.  (See entries for 7/12/23, 6/20/23 and 6/8/23, below.)  These additional signs highlight the activities allowed in this passive Park and provide information about the Park’s namesake, George Wolfberg.  We are told that RAP is working on approving these signs and that RAP Commission approval will not be necessary. We are hopeful that all sign revisions and new signs will be approved and installed soon in the Park.

7/16/23:  RAP has now installed signs stating “Park Closed Sunset Til Sunrise” at Park entrances (Frontera, baseball field and Friends St.).  In addition, new 8 ft. high fencing and vehicle gates have been installed at the Frontera entrance.

7/12/23:  The City Attorney has approved PPCC’s proposed revisions to the Park rules signs, with a few minor revisions.  We expect the revised signs to be installed in due course.  We’re told that the new Park entrance gate signs (closed at sunset, open at sunrise) will be installed shortly.

6/30/23:   RAP advises that the “hours of operation” signs for the Park entrance gates (closed at Sunset, open at Sunrise), as requested by PPCC, have been constructed and are expected to be installed within a week.  The City Attorney is reviewing PPCC’s proposed revisions to the Park rules signs.

6/20/23:  Residents advise that illegal fireworks are being set off nightly, and have been for several days, in the canyon.  Residents are concerned in large part with the fire risk, particularly as we near the 4th of July holiday and canyon slopes have not yet been cleared of all brush (see 7/1/23, 6/20/23 and 6/21/23 entries under Landscaping).   City officials and LAPD have been apprised and are aware of this illegal activity, but have limited enforcement capability in the short term.  PPCC is working with LAPD and other City officials on possible long-term solutions.  See also entry for 6/23/23 under Operating Hours and Enforcement.

6/20/23:  PPCC has requested that RAP create and erect revised RAP park rules signs and new entrance gate signs regarding hours of operation.

6/8/23:  The PPCC Board approved proposed revisions to the current RAP park rules signs, as well as additional new signage, to clarify what is permissible in this passive park (regarding fire, fireworks and riding bicycles/scooters).  The Board also approved a proposed new sign to be added on entrance gates, making clear the hours of operation (closed at sunset, open at sunrise).

4/14/23:  Signage throughout the Park is intended to protect the delicate riparian way and sensitive habitat in this passive park.  Current signage has been approved by RAP, but the community continues to work on new and improved signs that would help Park users understand what is and is not permissible in the Park. The PCOC has a Sign subcommittee that is currently working with the Wolfberg family, as well as RAP, on additional signs.

Dogs Off Leash Signs:

Multiple signs in the Park currently notify visitors that dogs must be on-leash at all times.  LAPD will begin issuing citations for violations of this rule, as it has become all too common for people to use the new Park, with its open vistas and green grassy knoll, as a dog park. But the Park was designed for passive use only, the delicate riparian habitat was not designed to accommodate dogs off leash and the practice is strictly prohibited. The PCOC will be working on ways to inform the public that this use is not allowed, and that community support should be focused on a new dog park in Pacific Palisades.  See the most recent PPCC dog park support letter.