Potrero Canyon — Operating Hours and Enforcement (LAPD, Park Rangers, LAFD) Updates

RAP — Recreation & Parks Dept.
BOE — Bureau of Engineering
CD11 — Office of Council District 11/Councilwoman Traci Park


5/12/23:   As of May 8, the governing ordinance published online (LAMC 63.44.B.14(c)) now expressly includes George Wolfberg Park at Potrero Canyon as one of the “sunrise to sunset” parks in LA; see full ordinance.

4/14/23:  We are informed that LAPD, inclusive of our Basic Car officers as well as our Beach Detail, conducts foot beats to the Park every other day, as best they are able.   Please see information about enforcement of the “Dogs Off Leash” rule at Park Signage and Use.

4/11/23:  Both PPCC and the Pacific Palisades Park Advisory Board (PAB) have requested ranger support for Potrero, per motion introduced originally by former Councilman Mike Bonin and later by current Councilwoman Traci Park, to facilitate enforcement and ensure safety and security (see letters from PPCC and the PAB).  However, we were informed at the recent Community Safety Town Hall by the ranger present on our panel that park rangers are only assigned to larger “Regional” parks, which Potrero is not (see PAB letter asking for this designation).  RAP and CD 11 have informed us that a park ranger cannot be assigned to the Park at this time due to insufficient resources and staffing. In fact, less than a handful of the 450 existing LA City parks have rangers assigned to them; even some parks designated as “Regional” do not have assigned rangers.

4/11/23:  LAPD Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin advises that he and the Palisades Beach Detail visit the canyon to check on conditions at least a couple of times a week. We are also informed that available LAPD Patrol units will go into the canyon to respond, after hours, to calls for service.  

3/30/23:  The ordinance officially making the Park hours Sunrise to Sunset has been published and posted.  Ordinance to be effective May 8, 2023.

3/28/23:  Council action final; revision of LAMC Section 63.44.B.14(c), to reflect Park operating hours as Sunrise to Sunset, expected in due course.

3/14/23:   Los Angeles City Council adopted official Potrero Canyon Park operating hours:  Open Sunrise to Sunset; Closed Sunset to Sunrise.  Applicable Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 63.44.B.14(c) — to be revised.