Potrero Canyon — Gates and Fencing (Locking & Closing Mechanisms; Height) Updates

RAP — Recreation & Parks Dept.
BOE — Bureau of Engineering
CD11 — Office of Council District 11/Councilwoman Traci Park


5/11/23:  Responding to concerns that the Frontera entrance gate was recently open at 8:30pm (after sunset, during darkness), RAP has advised that the Trilogy locks unfortunately do not have a programmable remote option. The department has only one locksmith who must come out and readjust the locks manually in order to change the closing times.  Taking these conditions into account, RAP advises that the gate locks will now be set to close at 8:10pm until the end of July (i.e., for two and a half months), to be readjusted at that point based on the changing sunset times.  This will allow the gates to close either at or within a relatively short time after sunset throughout this period.  In no case should the gates be programmed to close before sunset each evening — the Park’s official closing time, per recently-amended LAMC Section 63.44.B.14(c); see Operating Hours and Enforcement.

5/11/23:  With regard to replacing the Frontera entrance fencing and gates, RAP advises that it has accepted a bid and is waiting for the required Notice to Proceed, which should be issued shortly.  The contractor will then be scheduled to begin work.  RAP Maintenance Supervisor Robert Buenrostro will keep us apprised of the status.

4/04/23:  RAP advises that a project to replace the vehicle gate and fencing at the Frontera Park entrance with an 8 ft. gate and fence is going to bid.  The process is expected to take a couple of months.

4/03/23:  Pedestrian gate at the Friends St. entrance not closing shut; RAP and CD 11 were notified of the gate mechanism problem; RAP Maintenance corrected the problem.

3/29/23:  RAP advises that RAP Maintenance has evaluated the fencing and gates at the Frontera Park entrance and will have a contractor 1) raise the height of fencing on both sides, and 2) fabricate a taller vehicle gate, so that the fencing and gates cannot be easily climbed over.  The PCOC will monitor.

3/22/23:  Pedestrian gate at the Frontera Park entrance not closing shut; RAP was notified of the gate mechanism problem; RAP Maintenance corrected the problem.