Pacific Palisades Community Council (50 yrs)

The Village Green (50 yrs)

Historical Society (50 yrs)

Temescal Canyon Assoc. (51 yrs)

Theatre Palisades (60 yrs)

Pacific Palisades Library Association (62 yrs)

Pacific Palisades Residents Assoc. (65 yrs)

Pacific Palisades Baseball Assoc. (71 yrs)

Palisades 4th of July Parade (75 yrs)

SM Canyon Civic Assoc. (75 yrs)

Palisades Garden Club (79 yrs)

Palisadian Post (95 yrs)

Rustic Canyon/The Uplifters (100 yrs)

Special thanks to

Councilwoman Traci Park, Palisades Pride, the American Legion, the Li family, the Simon family, the Holden-Garland family, Kimberly Bloom, Sue Kohl, Chris Spitz, the Zar family… and counting.

Please email to lend financial support to this important celebration


Participating Organizations WITH CANOPIES AT THE EVENT:

  1. PPCC
  2. The Historical Society
  3. Palisades Pride
  4. SMCCA
  5. PAPA
  6. TCA
  7. The American Legion
  8. Resilient Palisade
  9. The Pacific Palisades Library Association
  10. The Village Green
  11. Theatre Palisades
  12. The PP Woman’s Club
  13. Palisades Forestry Committee
  14. PPTFH
  15. AYSO
  16. The Palisades Optimists
  17. PPBA
  18. DRB
  19. PPRA
  20. Palisades Malibu Chamber of Commerce
  21. The Garden Club
  22. The Palisades Newcomers
  23. The Sack Lunch Club
  24. YMCA – Grand Finale!
  25. Sen Ben Allen – info booth from the office of the State Senator


  • Underwrite canopies & tent: $3500 (PPCC thanks Coincilwoman Traci Park and Council District 11)
  • Underwrite food $3000 (PPCC thanks Palisades Pride)
  • Underwrite the decorations; $2500 (PPCC thanks Beth Holden-Garland among others)
  • Underwrite the printing costs $2000 (PPCC thanks Michael Edlen among others)
  • Underwrite set up and take down $1500 (PPCC thanks the Li Family)
  • Underwrite the stage: $1250
  • Underwrite the tables and chairs: $1200 (PPCC thanks the American Legion, Post 283)
  • Sponsor water $1000 (PPCC thanks the Simon Family)
  • Sponsor popcorn/music; $500 (PPCC thanks Sue Kohl)
  • Help offset costs: $200 and under (PPCC thanks Chris Spitz among others…)

Email Treasurer: and President:  with specific interest.

Donate at

THE PROGRAM ON September 30, NOON to 4PM
Doors open at Noon


Doors open and program begins with a presentation from PPCC, remarks from elected or other officials present for the celebrations, a brief history of Pacific Palisades and a recap of the Community Council from some of its long-standing members and founders.


Presentations begin with MC, Sam Lagana, welcome remarks and introduction of organizations celebrating milestones, and first presenters with live auction item and procession of awards.



Sen Ben Allen will make a presentation both to Simon Meadow (YMCA) and to PPCC and will be joined by PPCC President in closing remarks. Attendees are welcome to stary until 4PM with music and food, desserts and specialty coffees.

Guests are welcome to stay and mingle until 4PM