The George Wolfberg Park at Potrero Canyon was officially opened at a ceremony with community participation and great fanfare, on December 10, 2022.

The family of George Wolfberg, two-time PPCC Chair and beloved community member, have put together a website with the history of the canyon, the decades-long project that culminated in this beautiful riparian habitat passive park, and a bit about George Wolfberg, the person who made it all possible.

See the website here: 

Map of the passive park and riparian habitat: MAP

A brand new 46-acre park was dedicated to the people of Los Angeles and visitors from near and far, after 30 years of community advocacy, on December 10, 2022.

This 46-acre, mile-long, passive park has trails through the restored riparian canyon leading from the existing Palisades Recreation Center to the curb of Pacific Coast Highway. There is a meadow for relaxing and wide trails wind down the canyon, which opens up to an expansive view of the Pacific Ocean. Along the way are eight informational interpretive signs to learn about the history, riparian and woodland habitat, coastal bluff environments, and regional fire safety. Eventually there will be a trail from the canyon to the intersection of PCH and Temescal Canyon Road and plans are ongoing for a bridge to connect park visitors to Will Rogers State Beach and the bike paths that lead south toward Santa Monica, and beyond. This site provides details to assist visitors with arriving, understanding the park’s history and purpose, and explains why it was named to honor George Wolfberg.

Interpretive Signs:
The George Wolfberg Park at Potrero Canyon welcoming sign with canyon history and a map and the Meet George Wolfberg sign, and 8 interpretive signs (flora, fauna, fire, history) are now available to view below.

Starting Saturday, December 3rd, you may walk the new park and see all but one of these signs in person. The park honors our two time Chair of PPCC George Wolfberg with his name.  Please read about him on our website, because at the park opening that sign was not yet approved by Rec & Parks Board of Commissioners.  It will be on temporary display on December 3 for the Opening Ceremony.

The park has an amazing history: Huntington building the longest pier for his rail port right here, houses falling into the canyon, and the long struggle to to fill, grade, design and build this canyon park.

Between 2005-2008, the Potrero Canyon Community Advisory Committee held monthly public workshops and meetings to eventually come to a consensus of what the Palisades community wanted for this park, within the constraints of the Coastal Commission permit.  That’s the design approved by the Committee and essentially what was built.

The Coastal permit required 9 acres be riparian habitat restoration and that there be no active recreation, but rather passive park uses.  The Committee decided that passive park uses meant no organized active sports, for example, but rather walking, biking, dogs on leash, sun bathing, family picnic on the lawn, catching a view, and so on.

Like all parks, this one will have the standard “Don’t do” sign: for example, no fires, no camping, no staying in the park between sundown and sun up, no loud noises, no machines, no bounce houses, etc.

Please come to the opening and enjoy the Palisades’ newest and largest City park starting December 3, 2022.


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